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  2. Package gold

    installation service is separate but all modules is included yes.
  3. Yesterday
  4. hosting

    hosting buy a hosting in contabo you can install the website in this hosting
  5. Package gold

    Do you mean, Starting kit, Cash shop, Wheel of the Fortune and Installation ?
  6. Last week
  7. Package gold

    Hello, yes, Gold package includes all premium modules for free.
  8. Package gold

    Package gold The gold package of 180 usd contains premium elements???? I can not find out what the gold package consists of
  9. Earlier
  10. Templating Engine

    I mean, website doesn't use anything like tpl or something else. Website has own template system, you can create your own design and adapt modules into it.
  11. Templating Engine

    > website is not using any template engine Can you elaborate on how will I be able to modify web design then? A short example would be great.
  12. Templating Engine

    Hello, website is not using any template engine, modules are made in php/html combination, also CMS is not based on any framework. Yes, you can create own modules by yourself, I can provide you some examples and explain how you need to implement them.
  13. Templating Engine

    Templating Engine 1. What is the templating engine used for this CMS? 2. What CMS/Framework (if any) this CMS is based on? I plan to have our own design and need to know how hassle free templating engine is - well documented and popular? What about modules, can I design my own modules if its based on an extensible framework?
  14. Pre-buy Questions

    Sure will do. you are so helpful. Thanks again
  15. Pre-buy Questions

    No problem, you are welcome. If you will have any other questions, feel free to ask.
  16. Pre-buy Questions

    I see. Thanks for your time. I will think about it
  17. Pre-buy Questions

    They are ready to go, but I mean management of the server, like taking care of players, resolving their issues, answering questions, this will take a lot of time
  18. Pre-buy Questions

    u meant that the IGCN server file is not ready to go? I thought what I have to do after server installed was change to the rate I want it to be. and if i want to do some customizes I could watch some provided tutorials and it would be ready to go.
  19. Pre-buy Questions

    All parts are hard if you want to create good project as business.
  20. Pre-buy Questions

    Management of MU server and it's maintenance. It requires a lot of time to take care of a server, but if you are not stupid, you will learn fast everything.
  21. Pre-buy Questions

    Which part is the hardest and require more skills? Mu server? Website? or VPS config?
  22. Pre-buy Questions

    If you do not have any knowledge, I recommend you to abandon this idea.
  23. Pre-buy Questions

    I know only about this what I already told you, I don't have experience with any other providers, sorry.
  24. Pre-buy Questions

    I have check soyoustart.com but their Game servers are not for Windows https://www.soyoustart.com/us/game-servers/ and the Dedicated one, I found the lowest price is 39$/month. it might be a good price but since I want to start my very first time Mu server without any knowledge. I wanna look for Asia VPS anywhere around 20$ per month. can you suggest me one?
  25. Pre-buy Questions

    You will need to run Windows and you have 2 options: rent Windows license from your hosting provider for ±23 USD monthly or you can purchase your own Windows license somewhere and you can use it on your hosting, soyoustart support such option so you don't have to pay extra for Windows license, just for hosting
  26. Pre-buy Questions

    how come its free to use if only I have windows license? so no monthly payment? or what i'm confused now
  27. Pre-buy Questions

    but it doesnt have Windows only LINUX is it? like jacubb mentioned. we can not run Mu server on Linux. how can you do that? they gave me the address to test my ping from SG to my country its like 29ms. is it low enough ? or too high?
  28. Pre-buy Questions

    You will need Windows to run MU server files, website can be hosted on Windows/Linux. You can also can soyoustart.com, they have powerful dedicated servers for very good price. If you have Windows license, you don't have to pay them for rent of it, you will just enter there your license code and you are fine. You can purchase license for Windows Server 2012 for couple bucks on Ebay or somewhere
  29. Pre-buy Questions

    It`s enough for mu server and web at same machine i got same server ordered from them runs great without any problems. There is extra charge for windows server it`s 23$ monthly just find closest location to yours OVH gives quite stable servers with high data exchange rates.you can always check ping with they servers before order just find out IP an on your PC pres start->run->cmd->enter->ping IP address -t and you will see data transfer speed between them and you.
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