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  3. Black Friday 2018 Discounts Black Friday discounts are here and you can claim your -40% discount for ImperiaMuCMS packages, additional licencies and all premium modules. Use coupon code "BLCKFRD18" in checkout. Promotion is available till end of November 2018.
  4. Reset system

    Hello, website has dynamic reset system so you can configure almost everything. You can configure delay for resets (also different for VIP users), you can configure price, required items, level, master level, rewards for reset, etc.
  5. Reset system

    Reset system Hello, it is possible to set a ress system on this cms: The first script is to rely on that after reset lvl withdraws to a different level. E.g: 1,220 lvl reset (to reset the stones mentioned above are needed). 2 reset 240 lvl 3 reset 260 lvl 4 reset 280 lvl 5 reset 300 lvl 6 reset 320 lvl The second scrypt is a retarder :: Normal: Res every 72 hours Vip: Res every 48h The third script is taking items for res: 1 res - 10jog + 13 2 res - 10jog + 13 3 res - 10jog + 13 4 res - 10jog + 13 5 res - 10jog + 13 6 res - 10jog + 13 + item exc +10 The fourth script is: Putting any option in any item every 6 ress.
  6. Microsoft, Google, Amazone... all they offer free hosting. With google you can run website over a year for free.
  7. Okay, maybe in the near future. Because the cost of having this site, is very expensive, outside your monthly payments, ha and most importantly, who does not know about design and who does not know how to make a decent templant pay for a ... so maybe later on, thank you.
  8. It's included in full package already.
  9. Hi bro, I can see only Light version in the downloads section. where is the dark one?
  10. Hello, currently we are not offering free installation service, however here on forums is full installation guide so you will be able to install it by yourself. If not, there is a paid installation service which starts at 20 EUR. Currently there are 2 free templates, one dark and one light, new free template will be released as a part of 2.0.0 update. Another templates are paid and should be requested as a custom service.
  11. Installation of pluings and Site Rankings for IGCN Hello I own an IGCN server, I would like to know if the site would have free installation for new purchases such as: Installation of pluings Installing Rankings to stay functional What about templates? Do you have any frees? Photos? or do you have to pay for templates too?
  12. Buy to imperial

    Hello, there are couple bigger servers using this CMS. If you have any specific question, feel free to ask.
  13. hosting

    Here are written all requirements. You can find there script for automatical check of your hosting. You just need to copy it to your hosting and open file via browser.
  14. Buy to imperial

    Buy to imperial Any large server using the system? I would like to acquire but I am afraid, because I manage a large server and I do not know the platform.
  15. hosting

  16. hosting

  17. hosting

    Please make sure that this hosting supports all requirements described here in information section. There is also php file which will check most of them for you.
  18. Package gold

    As @Barbulin wrote, it includes only premium modules for free, installation service is not included in price of Gold package.
  19. Package gold

    installation service is separate but all modules is included yes.
  20. hosting

    hosting buy a hosting in contabo you can install the website in this hosting
  21. Package gold

    Do you mean, Starting kit, Cash shop, Wheel of the Fortune and Installation ?
  22. Package gold

    Hello, yes, Gold package includes all premium modules for free.
  23. Package gold

    Package gold The gold package of 180 usd contains premium elements???? I can not find out what the gold package consists of
  24. Templating Engine

    I mean, website doesn't use anything like tpl or something else. Website has own template system, you can create your own design and adapt modules into it.
  25. Templating Engine

    > website is not using any template engine Can you elaborate on how will I be able to modify web design then? A short example would be great.
  26. Templating Engine

    Hello, website is not using any template engine, modules are made in php/html combination, also CMS is not based on any framework. Yes, you can create own modules by yourself, I can provide you some examples and explain how you need to implement them.
  27. Templating Engine

    Templating Engine 1. What is the templating engine used for this CMS? 2. What CMS/Framework (if any) this CMS is based on? I plan to have our own design and need to know how hassle free templating engine is - well documented and popular? What about modules, can I design my own modules if its based on an extensible framework?
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