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    Hi, not sure, if there will be any promotion in next weeks. Currently it's not possible to connect website with forum, but if you will want that feature, I can add it (it will be for free of course).
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    Hello, Yes, website is fully compatible with IGCN S6E3. Website requirements are written here on forums in information section, so you need to have PHP 5.6 and some extensions. Version 2.0.0 has requirement for PHP 7.2. Also keep in mind, that IIS is not supported, so you should get Apache2, nginx or another web server. I am not offering free installation service, however, installation service price starts at 20 EUR if it's installation on Windows + XAMPP. Here on forums is tutorials section where is step by step installation and configuration guide. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.
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    You can find some websites HERE.
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    Hello, new update of ImperiaMuCMS is under development and will be released for existing customers in couple weeks. It will contain new features, updated existing functionality, new responsible design, support for PHP 7.2 and much more!
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    Hello, I don't have any official demo, you can check live website on my customers' servers or you can ask me for screens or functionality description. Yes, you will be able to translate website to Spanish.
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    You can try to contact them to enable PDO driver for you, but I think they will not do it on shared hosting. You will probably need to get VPS or you can search for a shared hosting with plesk or cpanel.
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    Hello, Purchase process is automated - after you will pay the invoice, system will activate your license and you will get access to downloads section, where you can download website and install it. You need your own hosting for website - you can also host it on the same server where are server files. Installation service is paid, however, if you will want to install it by yourself and you will encounter some issue, I am here to help. It doesn't matter, you can install it in the same server or get separated hosting for website, it's on you. Here on forums are tutorials for installation and some configurations, which requires some programming skills. Everything else is configurable through AdminCP UI. What do you mean with sync? Currently you will be able to add discord link to the website. License is for domain and IP and you can use it on 3 sub-domains (within licensed domain). If your second server will be using another domain, you will have to purchase additional license, however those licenses have lower prices then main license.
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    Hello! Here is one coupon code for -10% discount for ImperiaMuCMS Gold & Silver Package. Code can be used only once so first come first serve Coupon code: "0A3F6"
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    Some components are using ajax, currently I cannot tell you, if in future will website use ajax for everything, I will see. However, ajax in rankings can be plemented on request, it's not a problem.
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    Hello, version 1.1.0 was already released as beta version to my customers - testers. I am expecting it's release in upcoming days.
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    Hello, I too will buy this web if it supports interkassa
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    We didn't have any promotion for a long time so I decided that it's time to make one, so, here it is! Grab your -20% discount for all ImperiaMuCMS packages, modules, additional licenses and subscription right now! Use coupon F872F in checkout. Promotion is available till Friday 24/11/2017.
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    Hello, yes, it's compatible with S12.
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    I will do it for free. All new requsted configs in existing modules are for free. You just have to become a customer.
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    Hello, in Gold package are included all premium modules for free and Bronze package doesn't have mandatory monthly fees.
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    You will have to enter domain name, on what will be website running and IP address of server, where it will be hosted.
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    You need to have at least one of those PDO drivers, so if you have only ODBC, it's enough. Only one driver is used, but you can choose which one.
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    Ok. thanks mate. I will do it on my machine i think. Just have to find information how to connect domain witch i already have on webd.pl. So as soon i will do it with domain im coming back to you for buy website. Cheers again for help, speak you soon.
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    You will have to configure DNS of your domain and redirect it to IP of your hosting. Then you will have to configure virtual hosts in your apache. If you are using shared hosting, they will not allow you to edit PHP settings, so you will need personal VPS just for your website or find another hosting company, what will gives you full control over PHP settings and management of PHP extensions. In my opinion is not good to use shared hosting, because if you will need some specific PHP extension, you won't be able to edit PHP settings. My advice is to order some Unix/Windows VPS for some bucks (e.g. from OVH is Unix VPS 1,99 eur/month) and you will have full control over all stuff like apache, virtual hosts, PHP etc. Or you can host website on machine, where you will have server.
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    Hello, here on website are written website requirements in Features & Information. But on the most shared website hosting are this php settings enabled. When you will start installation process, it will show you all requirements and if it will pass or not. And probably I will prepare simple php script what will check all your php settings so you will be 100% sure before purchase, if website will work or not. -- Update -- You can download simple PHP script from attachment and execute it on your hosting. You will see, if it's suitable for ImperiaMuCMS or not. If not, it will show you errors, so you can try to contact your provider to change PHP settings and/or install required extensions if it's shared hosting. If you have full control over your PHP settings and extensions, you can do it by yourself. imperiamucms_system_check.php
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    Hello, Website can work on localhost, but also from remote server. Website was tested on latest XAMPP (5.6.3) and also on apache2 under ubuntu 15.04. There is a requirement for PHP 5.4, so make sure you have at least this version of PHP or newer. In customer section is a little installation guide, but if you will have problems with it, I can help you. Updates will be provided here on website as UPDATE, but also FULL PACKAGE will be always up to date. You will have access to download section after you will became customer. In AdminCP is also check for latest version, so you will see when new update will be available if you will not check this website. Currently there is no demo with latest version on what I am working, but you can check ObverseMU, but there are not some latest updates related to rankings and some other features. If you will have more questions, feel free to ask. Regards, jacubb
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    ImperiaMuCMS is now available for purchase from our store. Join our community until the end of October 2015 and get 2 months of subscription for free!