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  1. This days we are celebrating 4 years of ImperiaMuCMS! I have decided to celebrate it with -20% discount for all ImperiaMuCMS packages. Get your ImperiaMuCMS license now and prepare for Season 15! Use promo code "IMPCMS4YEARS" in checkout. Promotion is valid till 11.11.2019.
  2. 2.0.0

    [28-10-2019] 2.0.0 [+] [Language] Added strings: rankings_txt_85 - rankings_txt_93, donation_txt_58 - donation_txt_59, resetcharacter_txt_41, donation_txt_60 - donation_txt_94, arkawar_txt_1 - arkawar_txt_22, bugtracker_txt_48, register_txt_36, privacypolicy_txt_1 - privacypolicy_txt_2, rules_txt_2, tickets_txt_26 - tickets_txt_27, market_txt_205 - market_txt_209, template_txt_58, changelogs_txt_4 - changelogs_txt_5, class_rune, news_txt_4 - news_txt_7, search_txt_5 - search_txt_6, vip_txt_37 - vip_txt_38, item_detail_webshop_txt_1 - item_detail_webshop_txt_14, anc_opt_211 - anc_opt_241, exc_opt_item_0 - exc_opt_item_18, exc_opt_wings_0 - exc_opt_wings_24, webshop_1 - webshop_85, exc_opt_wings_4th_0 - exc_opt_wings_4th_10, exc_opt_earring_left_0 - exc_opt_earring_left_4, exc_opt_earring_right_0 - exc_opt_earring_right_4, pentagram_main_opt_0, pentagram_add_opt_0 - pentagram_add_opt_6, server_statistics_1 - server_statistics_19, item_detail_txt_17, currency_zen, currency_bless, currency_soul, currency_life, currency_chaos, currency_harmony, currency_creation, currency_guardian, currency_location_webbank, forgotpass_txt_4, cashshop_txt_22, res_template_txt_*, res_template_slider_txt_*, breadcrumb_*, res_template_txt_1 - res_template_txt_33 [+] [Language] Modified: register_txt_18, resetstats_txt_14 - resetstats_txt_15, clearskills_txt_7 - clearskills_txt_8, resetst_txt_12 - resetst_txt_13, unstuckcharacter_txt_8 - unstuckcharacter_txt_9, clearpk_txt_9 - clearpk_txt_10, clearinv_txt_4 - clearinv_txt_5, changeclass_txt_4, renamechar_txt_3, renamechar_txt_6, renamechar_txt_7, promo_txt_11, promo_txt_15, transfercoins_txt_6, transfercoins_txt_7, transferchar_txt_10, rules_txt_2, exchange_txt_5 [+] Updated GTop100 API IPs [+] Moved items' styles from character profile into template CSS [+] Updated Guilds Rankings [+] Added Privacy Policy module [+] Added daily / weekly / monthly rankings [+] Added option to purchase Copyright Removal [+] Added option to purchase Dynamic IP License [+] New responsive design [+] Added News Type - Notice, Event, Update, Maintenance (available only for new design) [+] Recoded all modules to support new responsive design [+] Added fully automated daily / weekly / monthly rankings rewards [+] Added full support for IGCN Season 14 (support for Season 15 is coming too) [+] Added TMPay donation gateway (unique module) [!] [AdminCP] Fixed visual bug in Paymentwall settings module [!] [AdminCP] Fixed Register module not saving some configs [!] Fixed new pentagrams in Market [!] Fixed not working Q&A and Country disabling in Registration module when email verification is enabled [!] Fixed not working withdrawal of GP investments in Architect module [!] Fixed issues in Events Timer [!] Fixed issues in Boss Timer [!] Fixed Web Bank not recognizing jewels on S13+ [!] Fixed Recruit a Friend - not working copy button in all browsers [!] Fixed issue with sockets in Webshop module [!] Fixed Dual Skill Tree not working correctly on S13+ [!] Fixed Clear Skill Tree not working correctly on S13+ [!] Fixed Clear Skills not working correctly on S13+ [!] Fixed Check Equipment in Reset and Grand Reset modules not working correctly on S13+ [!] Fixed issues marked as "Fixed" in Bug Tracker ... and much more!
  3. Official release of version 2.0.0 is coming out very soon! Brings new responsive design, full support for IGCN S14 (support for S15 will be released too), daily/weekly/monthly rankings with automated rewards, improved security and much more! Also with this version will be released new ImperiaMuCMS packages starting from 50 EUR.
  4. Imperiamucms 2.0 - XteamDev

    Basic modules will work I guess, but modules like achievements, starting kit, daily/werkly/monthly rankings, my vault with item upgrades, market, webshop etc will not work.
  5. Imperiamucms 2.0 - XteamDev

    Hello, no, it supports only IGCN files S6 - S14.
  6. Does multi-language support Chinese?

    Hello, website supports Chinese, however it comes in English by default, so you must translate it by yourself.
  7. ImperiaMuCMS v2 is already available for existing customers in beta stage and it brings full support for IGCN Season 14, new responsive design, new features, bug fixes and a lot of improvements. Soon will be released brand new webshop module with cool features, website item editor in admin control panel, daily/weekly/monthly rankings with automated rewards and much more!
  8. IGCN Mu Online Pre Season 12

    You can view store, currently is available only Gold package, if you are interested in another package, please contact me via PM.
  9. Hello, Yes, website is fully compatible with IGCN S6E3. Website requirements are written here on forums in information section, so you need to have PHP 5.6 and some extensions. Version 2.0.0 has requirement for PHP 7.2. Also keep in mind, that IIS is not supported, so you should get Apache2, nginx or another web server. I am not offering free installation service, however, installation service price starts at 20 EUR if it's installation on Windows + XAMPP. Here on forums is tutorials section where is step by step installation and configuration guide. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.
  10. Website work with Season 14?

    I am doing my best so I can release it ASAP
  11. Questions before purchase

    Hello, Yes, website will be fully compatible with S14 after new update will be released. Here on forums is step by step tutorial how to install website. Yes, template is adaptable. It's fine, you need only 1 PDO driver, in your case it's dblib so you're fine. Yes, website supports multi-language, however by default it comes in English and you must translate it.
  12. Website work with Season 14?

    Partly yes, full support will be included in next update.
  13. AdminCP is in English and cannot be translated ATM. However, you can use Google translate plugin in your browser to translate it into Korean.
  14. I don't have any official demo, you can search on google for "Powered by ImperiaMuCMS". Website has language system so you can translate it into Korean.