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  1. HotFix

    [!] Fixed some stuff from previous update

    [+] Some changes in installation process [+] Added support for IGC_MD5 encryption [!] Fixed sub-domain problems

    [+] Added new option in Installation process - disable creation of admin account [!] [AdminCP] Fixed Exchange Settings module [!] [UserCP] Fixed little misconfiguration in Paymentwall module

    [+] Added new Rankings - Castle Siege History - Achievements [+] [AdminCP] Added Achievements Quest Manager [+] Added 2 new types of reward to Achievements System - Level Up Points - Master Points [+] Added new configuration to Reset and Grand Reset modules - Required Master Level

    [!] [AdminCP] Fixed Achievements activation process [!] [AdminCP] Fixed AdminCP direct login [!] Some minor fixes and general improvements
  6. 1.0.4

    [+] Added Achievements System [BETA] - UserCP - AdminCP (quests manager module will be added in next update) [+] Added new configs for Reset and Grand Reset modules - Reset Stats - Bonus Stats - Bonus Stats Formula - Keep bonus stats for Grand Resets [+] Added Gens information to player's profile [+] Added WCoins, Goblin Points and Zen as possible rewards in some modules [+] Added new configs for WU donation [+] Added account logs for Transfer Coins and Transfer Character modules [+] Added new Rankings - Blood Castle - Devil Square - Chaos Castle - Illusion Temple [+] Added direct login support to AdminCP [+] Edited installation process (creation of admin account) [!] Fixed Transfer Coins module [!] Fixed Transfer Character module [!] Some minor fixes and general improvements
  7. [Module] Dual Skill Tree

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  8. how much for a site like globalmu.net

    Hello, I am not offering custom website, I am offering my website. I saw that they have template from Archlord2 website, I have this template too. Currently there is no promotion nor discount and there won't be in near future. For more information about features and pricing please read topics in this section: http://imperiamucms.com/index.php?/forum/4-about-imperiamucms/
  9. My questions

    Bug Tracker is in UserCP menu. Promo system is very simple - you can create new promo code and configure rewards. You can also choose, if promo code will be "per account" or "unique". List of supported rewards are written in Features & Information topic. If you want to a screens, write me, what exactly you would like to see and I will make some screens for you. CMS supports Me_MuOnline, however multi-server support is not supported yet, but will be added. Yes, you can configure email design in html. Flags - And why not? It's irrelevant question. Lost password is recovered by email. It's not possible to get your password, if it's strong enough and you will not tell it anyone. After 5 failed login attempts you will be banned, so brute force attack will takes years to get password. Actually, web have almost 100 regular modules and over 100 AdminCP modules.
  10. My questions

    Hello! 1. License data can be changed on request, you won't have to purchase new license. 2. Yes, I am adding all useful stuff suggested by my customers. You can also request for a custom modules what will be unique only for you (paid) or it will be for everyone (free or little fee - lower than for unique module, depends on complexity of module and functionality - useful modules will be added for free to default package, others will be added as premium modules). 3. Here or here.
  11. hi

    Hello, currently I don't have any official demo available yet, I will ask my customers, if I can share their websites. Demo: http://medium.warofglory.pl
  12. Couple of easy questions.

    You will have to enter domain name, on what will be website running and IP address of server, where it will be hosted.
  13. Couple of easy questions.

    You need to have at least one of those PDO drivers, so if you have only ODBC, it's enough. Only one driver is used, but you can choose which one.
  14. IGCN Season 9 work ?

    1. Yes, IGCN S9 is supported. 2. Achievements System is fully configurable, you can create your own achievements in Achievements manager in AdminCP. Number of achievements is not limited, limited is only number of stages in each achievement (5 stages is maximum). 3. All packages are the same, it comes only with one download, but my system is recognizing, what license type you are using. With Gold Package you will have access to all premium modules and templates for free. In template you can edit navigation, top and bottom part of content, sidebar and footer. On request I can add more options. 4. I will ask my customers if I can share their websites. But soon I will prepare my own demo website.
  15. Couple of easy questions.

    You will have to configure DNS of your domain and redirect it to IP of your hosting. Then you will have to configure virtual hosts in your apache. If you are using shared hosting, they will not allow you to edit PHP settings, so you will need personal VPS just for your website or find another hosting company, what will gives you full control over PHP settings and management of PHP extensions. In my opinion is not good to use shared hosting, because if you will need some specific PHP extension, you won't be able to edit PHP settings. My advice is to order some Unix/Windows VPS for some bucks (e.g. from OVH is Unix VPS 1,99 eur/month) and you will have full control over all stuff like apache, virtual hosts, PHP etc. Or you can host website on machine, where you will have server.
  16. Couple of easy questions.

    Hi, not sure, if there will be any promotion in next weeks. Currently it's not possible to connect website with forum, but if you will want that feature, I can add it (it will be for free of course).
  17. Couple of easy questions.

    Hello, here on website are written website requirements in Features & Information. But on the most shared website hosting are this php settings enabled. When you will start installation process, it will show you all requirements and if it will pass or not. And probably I will prepare simple php script what will check all your php settings so you will be 100% sure before purchase, if website will work or not. -- Update -- You can download simple PHP script from attachment and execute it on your hosting. You will see, if it's suitable for ImperiaMuCMS or not. If not, it will show you errors, so you can try to contact your provider to change PHP settings and/or install required extensions if it's shared hosting. If you have full control over your PHP settings and extensions, you can do it by yourself. imperiamucms_system_check.php
  18. [Module] Dual Stats

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  19. [Module] Dual Stats

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  20. [Module] Achievements System

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  21. [Module] Achievements System

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  22. Couple of easy questions.

    You are welcome.
  23. Couple of easy questions.

    Hello, Website can work on localhost, but also from remote server. Website was tested on latest XAMPP (5.6.3) and also on apache2 under ubuntu 15.04. There is a requirement for PHP 5.4, so make sure you have at least this version of PHP or newer. In customer section is a little installation guide, but if you will have problems with it, I can help you. Updates will be provided here on website as UPDATE, but also FULL PACKAGE will be always up to date. You will have access to download section after you will became customer. In AdminCP is also check for latest version, so you will see when new update will be available if you will not check this website. Currently there is no demo with latest version on what I am working, but you can check ObverseMU, but there are not some latest updates related to rankings and some other features. If you will have more questions, feel free to ask. Regards, jacubb
  24. ImperiaMuCMS is now available for purchase from our store. Join our community until the end of October 2015 and get 2 months of subscription for free!
  25. Index

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