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  1. hosting

    Please make sure that this hosting supports all requirements described here in information section. There is also php file which will check most of them for you.
  2. Package gold

    As @Barbulin wrote, it includes only premium modules for free, installation service is not included in price of Gold package.
  3. Package gold

    Hello, yes, Gold package includes all premium modules for free.
  4. Templating Engine

    I mean, website doesn't use anything like tpl or something else. Website has own template system, you can create your own design and adapt modules into it.
  5. Templating Engine

    Hello, website is not using any template engine, modules are made in php/html combination, also CMS is not based on any framework. Yes, you can create own modules by yourself, I can provide you some examples and explain how you need to implement them.
  6. Pre-buy Questions

    No problem, you are welcome. If you will have any other questions, feel free to ask.
  7. Pre-buy Questions

    They are ready to go, but I mean management of the server, like taking care of players, resolving their issues, answering questions, this will take a lot of time
  8. Pre-buy Questions

    Management of MU server and it's maintenance. It requires a lot of time to take care of a server, but if you are not stupid, you will learn fast everything.
  9. Pre-buy Questions

    I know only about this what I already told you, I don't have experience with any other providers, sorry.
  10. Pre-buy Questions

    You will need to run Windows and you have 2 options: rent Windows license from your hosting provider for ±23 USD monthly or you can purchase your own Windows license somewhere and you can use it on your hosting, soyoustart support such option so you don't have to pay extra for Windows license, just for hosting
  11. Pre-buy Questions

    You will need Windows to run MU server files, website can be hosted on Windows/Linux. You can also can soyoustart.com, they have powerful dedicated servers for very good price. If you have Windows license, you don't have to pay them for rent of it, you will just enter there your license code and you are fine. You can purchase license for Windows Server 2012 for couple bucks on Ebay or somewhere
  12. Pre-buy Questions

    If you have enough resources, get Cloud, if not, SSD is fine. Depends on size of your server, I would go for 8+ GB of RAM, and at least 2 cores. If you can afford more, get 16 or 32 GB RAM, 4 - 8 CPU cores.
  13. Code Customization

    Hello, when you will need to modify something and code will be encoded, you can contact me if I can give you sources for requested functionality.
  14. Pre-buy Questions

    I can recommend you OVH or their re-sellers like soyoustart.
  15. Pre-buy Questions

    You can request for a custom template which is paid service. If I will release any free template, you won't be charged, however, there might be also some paid templates in the future.
  16. Pre-buy Questions

    Hello, 1. It's good to have at least some basic knowledge about websites, but you can also handle it w/o any knowldge. 2. You can purchase domain and hosting before or after, you will need it when tou will want to install website. On forums is step by step installation guide for website. 3. Gold package costs 150 Eur and then 20 Eur monthly. You can purchase also copyright removal for 100 Eur and Dynamic IP license for the same price as optional extensions. 4. I am answering on forums within 2 hours during business hours, I am also on skype in case of critical issues. 5. If you will request for an installation service and you already have domain and hosting, it will be ready within 24 hours. 6. Currently no, website has 2 free templates and new will be released soon.
  17. IGCN Season 13 Part 2-2

    Hello, most functions are compatible, if something is not currently supported, it will be added in upcoming updates.
  18. Some Info about new version

    Hello, new update of ImperiaMuCMS is under development and will be released for existing customers in couple weeks. It will contain new features, updated existing functionality, new responsible design, support for PHP 7.2 and much more!
  19. MuEmu s12 1-2

    There is no way how to test it before purchase. You can send me screenshot of database tables and I will tell you, if it's compatible or not.
  20. MuEmu s12 1-2

    Hello, website is designed to work with IGCN files only, I don't know about muemu. If it's technically IGCN files, then it will be compatible.
  21. DEMO web

    Hello, currently I don't have any official demo, however, you can check websites of my customers. You can find them by searching for "Powered by ImperiaMuCMS". Yes, it's possible to add custom modules on request.
  22. Reset system, 2 modules

    Hello, ImperiaMuCMS has dynamic reset system where you can create reset stages. Each stage can have different requirements for level, master level (VIP/Non-VIP), delay (VIP/Non-VIP), required items (you can setup required items by item hex code and enable/disable check of item attributes - e.g. item level, luck, durability, sockets, etc.), reward (VIP/Non-VIP) and much more. Currently website doesn't offer you an option to give rewards such as "Add one option to item", as a reward you can choose only currencies like platinum, gold, silver coins, wcoins, goblin points and zen. Anyways, website has a module, where player can improve items - you can add luck, skill, excellent options for currencies or items (you can setup it in AdminCP).
  23. Any demo to test?

    Yes, CMS has webshop. You can find websites by searching for "Powered by ImperiaMuCMS".
  24. Any demo to test?

    Hello, I don't have any official demo, you can check live website on my customers' servers or you can ask me for screens or functionality description. Yes, you will be able to translate website to Spanish.
  25. Swish

    I don't have any exact release date for them, I am recoding all modules to support responsive design.