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  1. Pre-buy Questions

    All parts are hard if you want to create good project as business.
  2. Pre-buy Questions

    If you do not have any knowledge, I recommend you to abandon this idea.
  3. Some Info about new version Hello Jacubb, as we know current release was compromised.. This is not good. Can you tell something about new version etc. Thank you !
  4. Continue tolking

    I understand. What will be price for this desing ? https://aveums.com I have PSD and HTML version !
  5. Continue tolking

    Hello, Continue our conversation about trace from my dmncms to your's cms. What it's the last price will all discounts that you give to me ? I need Silver Pack with Achievements.. I can give my active dmncms account. And last quation, what about desing ? If i buy your's cms, i have any standart designs ? Where i can see them ?