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  1. IGCN Mu Online Pre Season 12

    Hey Jacubb, So finally I have installed the server and everything is up and running. I would like to purchase your services although I am scared that I am a little out of my element when its comes to installing your website. Do you offer any installation packages for customers who do not know how to set it up? Or is the process simple enough to where someone with very little knowledge about sql server 2012 could do it? -Kenyon
  2. IGCN Mu Online Pre Season 12

    Hey, Thanks for your assistants jacubb. I am having some issues with pay pal and should have the cleared up within the next day or two. I had to verify a new card and I am waiting for a code on my bank statement. I am trying to install the prerequisites but I am having trouble knowing which are the correct extensions. Do you have links by any chance so I can start installing the necessary software? -Kenyon
  3. IGCN Mu Online Pre Season 12

    I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to servers and databases. I have purchased a vps through goDaddy and paid for IGCN server files and that about as far as I have gotten. I am trying to turn off the enhanced internet settings on my vps so I can download the required files for IGCN. Do you know how I could tell if my database has been created?
  4. IGCN Mu Online Pre Season 12

    Hello Jacubb, I am still waiting on IGCN to set up the server but i do have my domain name ready and server ip. Should I purchase it now or would it be better to wait for IGCN to finish setting up the server? -Kenyon
  5. Hello Imperiam Staff, I have just purchased an IGCN Mu online Premium and was wanting to buy a website with a web shop to go along with it. I wanted to go with the bronze option along with a premium web shop. I have a couple of questions. After I purchase these items and my subscription expires will my website and web shop still function properly? Also do I have the option to resubscribe in the future? -Kenyon