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  1. Template Migration

    Perfect! I sent a private message. Thanks!
  2. Template Migration

    Template Migration Hello Guys! Im looking for migrate from DMN CMS to Impera MUCMS, because DMN are going to die. There is a way from migrate my actual template? (ultimate.mulandia.net) You do that kind of service? How much money? Thanks!
  3. Some questions

    Some questions Hi! Im actually client of DMN, but the support doesn't exists, so im thinking to migrate. I have some questions: - The webshop support all kind of items and options? Example: Bonus sockets, Mastery options, Silverhearts sets, etc. - There is a way to develop custom modules? I mean, its possible I develop a custom module or its not possible? Im a developer and I have some custom modules integrated with external system, or with new functions. Thanks