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  1. Yes, dont worry its just 15 euro more. Not important. Thank you very much!
  2. Hello there! Interesting... Hello Jacubb, Im a new customer from IGCNetwork S13 files and they give me your link, and... just WoW! I have to congratz you for develop this awesome CMS, just amazing. Same top level as IGCN files. I think you are a serious dev. so i will buy this CMS, for sure 100%. Just have to wait, my server is on dev mode right now, i will open it this May 3. And i will put ON the website 1 month before the OPEN. I need to know some things if you can help me: 1- How much money cost modules for new donations? (Like MercadoPago, RapiPago, and similars) 2- How much cost a custom module? (I know it depends from wich module, but tell me a min - max) 3- You always update cms when IGCN update files? 4- Its possible add to this webshop the option to buy items choosing how much options it have and wich options? Example: I want they can just choose 3 options, what they want but just 3. Thank you very much for your great job, I'll be happy to pay you for this. PD: Sorry for my english i try my best.
  3. You think support for S13 will be released at this April? And other thing, is hard to me pay by PayPal, i live alone in this city and i dont got credit card at this moment. (difficult to have a credit card in Argentina) Can i have the possibility to pay by WesternUnion ? It would be great. Thanks for your response.