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  1. DopeBoyOne RZ Mod / About ImperialCMS

    I have made one already
  2. DopeBoyOne RZ Mod / About ImperialCMS Hello everyone, At the start i was like crazy, when i first saw this website and modules, i was about to buy.. wasted a lot of time and then i was there, in the middle of the set up i was about to give up, i mean i really gave up and run away. But Jacubb was there with clear mind, we talk again and he helped me a lot to achieve my goal. I don't wanna say much, but , all the next level things i wanted, is there. The modules are on fire... Don't waste your time, believe me or not i had another top level website same cost$ as this, but this modules makes me crazy from the day i saw them, and then i wanted to buy it, now i got it and i m feeling fking better already Plus my Members with starking kits, Wheel aka Spin and Achievements are already happier, i don't comment my server here, but i don't lie, you can see it! i give it 5stars for sure!
  3. [Template] Imperialium Light

    Looks way better than i thought! Modules are all the money!