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  1. A few questions about the purchase

    Then what is the total price for everything to get installed and authorized with the IGCN files? Gold package of course . And i need the IGCN files 1st? Or i can start with the web site and then add the files and you can Sync with MSSQL or web server
  2. A few questions about the purchase

    Another question that I forgot to add is that I simply can not find the "edit" button, Should I purchase the domain as well? It's not included right? Sorry for the embarrassing questions: P
  3. A few questions about the purchase

    Hey, First of all thank you for the quick response! Would you like to know the price of the installation? And is that the only color you have? the design? There is no diversity
  4. A few questions about the purchase Hello, I plan to purchase IGCN server files for season 13 at the end of the next 3 days. It is also important to note that they have recommended your service warmly, So here i am. But before purchasing the IGCN files, I want to be in and synchronized about the files of the site So I have a few questions: 1. How is the license purchased? After receiving money Do you perform the installation on your VPS, or do I have to provide a VPS? 2. If I need to provide a VPS, should it be the same as where the server files are installed? Or it does not matter. 3. I do not understand anything when it comes to the site, I can learn a bit from the Internet. Is the purchase made here through your service not suitable for me? 4. Can I sync the site with Discord? Because Discord will be a forum replacement for my project 5. If everything goes as planned and I purchased your license for 360 days, but I plan to open another server, can I use my license for another site but another server? Which of course is mine, but with a different name? Thanks in advance! Android.