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  1. Hi bro, I can see only Light version in the downloads section. where is the dark one?
  2. Package gold

    Do you mean, Starting kit, Cash shop, Wheel of the Fortune and Installation ?
  3. Pre-buy Questions

    Sure will do. you are so helpful. Thanks again
  4. Pre-buy Questions

    I see. Thanks for your time. I will think about it
  5. Pre-buy Questions

    u meant that the IGCN server file is not ready to go? I thought what I have to do after server installed was change to the rate I want it to be. and if i want to do some customizes I could watch some provided tutorials and it would be ready to go.
  6. Pre-buy Questions

    Which part is the hardest and require more skills? Mu server? Website? or VPS config?
  7. Pre-buy Questions

    I have check soyoustart.com but their Game servers are not for Windows https://www.soyoustart.com/us/game-servers/ and the Dedicated one, I found the lowest price is 39$/month. it might be a good price but since I want to start my very first time Mu server without any knowledge. I wanna look for Asia VPS anywhere around 20$ per month. can you suggest me one?
  8. Pre-buy Questions

    how come its free to use if only I have windows license? so no monthly payment? or what i'm confused now
  9. Pre-buy Questions

    but it doesnt have Windows only LINUX is it? like jacubb mentioned. we can not run Mu server on Linux. how can you do that? they gave me the address to test my ping from SG to my country its like 29ms. is it low enough ? or too high?
  10. Pre-buy Questions

    Hi, Im interested in OVH - VPS SSD 3 option. which is OpenStack KVM 2 vCore(s) 2.4 GHz 8 GB RAM 80 GB SSD 100 Mbps is it enough to run Mu server? but I have a few questions, I knew I should ask these question to OVH itself but I have sent an email and they didnt response. So I hope u can answer these question. 1. I see this option doesnt have Windows. only Linux. is it possible to run? 2. I see they dont have server in asia. while I'm from asia. will it cause laggy problem? Should I find an Asia server instead?
  11. Pre-buy Questions

    I have visited OVH and I see they have a lot of difference types each VPS or Dedicated. for example: VPS they have SSD VPS, Could VPS, Cloud RAM VPS. which one should I go? and how much spec should be enough to handle like 300 to 500 players (for now) cuz I can upgrade it later right? can you give me some idea. Thanks
  12. Pre-buy Questions

    Can u recommend me a good hosting for game? and which one should I buy? I mean 1 hosting should have difference type of services like Home, Business and Advance packages.
  13. Pre-buy Questions

    Thanks for your reply. anyway if I happen to buy ur website now within 2 choice of template, Later when u get more template, Will I be able to change the newer? or I have to buy again ?
  14. Pre-buy Questions

    Pre-buy Questions Hello, I have got suggested from IGCN. I would like to ask some questions before I buy. first of all I know nothing about the coding or anything related to website. 1. Can I still own your website without any knowledge? 2. Do I need to have a Domain and hosting first before I buy your services? Do you have any Guides to take me throw all from the beginning? because I know nothing, I dont know where to Start. 3. I see your Pricing list but I still dont understand much about all of them. Can you tell me how much in total to get my Mu server works with your website and ready to go Online? 4. How is your support? I know its a stupid question but as I tell u that I know nothing about the coding. So, if the website goes wrong. I can not do anything. Its all depend on the support from u. as a customer like me, Support is really important. 5. How long it takes to make all the works done after I click Purchase your website? 6. Do you have list of templates to show? I can see in Gallery but it has only 1 the same template. Sorry these are all noob questions. and Thanks for your support. Im waiting for your reply.