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  1. Templating Engine

    Templating Engine 1. What is the templating engine used for this CMS? 2. What CMS/Framework (if any) this CMS is based on? I plan to have our own design and need to know how hassle free templating engine is - well documented and popular? What about modules, can I design my own modules if its based on an extensible framework?
  2. Templating Engine

    > website is not using any template engine Can you elaborate on how will I be able to modify web design then? A short example would be great.
  3. Code Customization

    Code Customization Hey All,. I'm pretty fluent in PHP and will likely want to modify the code making changes here and there to fit my project vision. I understand that some of these features may not be available as modules - you cannot anticipate and meet everyone's needs. Is it possible to edit the code, or its all obfuscated and I can only use modules and framework for modules to customize website?