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ImperiaMuCMS 1.0.10

Release Date: 12/06/2016

Security Release: No

Key Changes

[12-06-2016] Version 1.0.10
    [+] Recoded Login process - now username is case-insensitive and password case-sensitive
    [+] Added option to configure tax price in Market as free
    [+] Added Auction System (auctions can be created by staff only) [later will be added JavaScript and AJAX functionality]
    [+] Added new type of formula into GR reward config
    [+] Added support for WCoinP into Exchange module
    [+] Added new config into Market - enable/disable online check
    [+] Improved PayPal logs
    [+] Added support for Paymentwall's User Profile API
    [+] Added access restriction on UserCP modules for blocked accounts
    [+] [AdminCP] Added option to send test email to verify email settings
    [+] [AdminCP] Added new module - Awaiting Verification - list of unverified accounts with option to show verification link and manual verification
    [+] [AdminCP] Added new system - Access Restriction
    [+] [Language] Added strings myaccount_txt_79, myaccount_txt_82, auction_txt_1 - auction_txt_31, itemsinv_txt_17, market_txt_198, global_module_14 - global_module_16, changepassword_txt_7, changepassword_txt_8
    [+] [UserCP] Recoded Change Password module - now you can resend verification email while you have active change password request
    [!] [AdminCP] Fixed Achievements Edit module
    [!] Fixed not working Upgrade Items with credits from Me_MuOnline database
    [!] Fixed not working some configs in Web Bank on all places in the module
    [!] Fixed bug in Exchange module while minimum exchange amount was greater than 1
    [!] Fixed not working extend VIP with enabled MEMB_CREDITS in Me_MuOnline database
    [!] Fixed not working Killers ranking while using Me_MuOnline database
    [!] Fixed not working remaining time for next vote while IP check was enabled
    [!] Fixed ancient options may not show in Webshop in some scenarios

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