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Release Date: 12/12/2016

Security Release: No

Key Changes

[12-12-2016] Version
    [+] [AdminCP] Added "Enable S10" config into Website Settings module
    [+] [AdminCP] Added Change Name logs
    [+] [AdminCP] Added Change Class logs
    [+] [AdminCP] Added Transfer Character logs
    [+] [AdminCP] Added Transfer Coins logs
    [+] [Language] Modified strings: market_txt_49, market_txt_50
    [+] [Language] Added strings: startingkit_txt_1 - startingkit_txt_15, transferaccount_txt_1 - transferaccount_txt_XX, currency_ruud, exchange_txt_23, exchange_txt_24, resetcharacter_txt_35 - resetcharacter_txt_37, greset_txt_8
    [+] [Template] Added new file for Google Analytics
    [+] [Premium] Added new module - Starting Kit
    [+] [Premium] Added new module - Cash Shop
    [+] Added config for default charset
    [+] Added support for Ruud in Exchange module
    [+] Added new premium module - Starting Kit
    [+] Added new configs for Resets module
        - Equipment check (separated config for each slot)
        - Time delay configuration
    [+] Added new configs for Grand Resets module
        - Equipment check (separated config for each slot)
        - Time delay configuration
        - New bonus stats formula
        - Decreasing of resets
    [!] Fixed not working Guild Rankings - Character Progression after update of Reset System
    [!] Fixed not working Transfer Coins while enabled S10
    [!] Fixed not working buying items in Market for WCoins while enabled S10
    [!] Fixed class filter in Achievements - Grow Lancer
    [!] Fixed Grow Lancer showing in Change Class module with disabled S10
    [!] Recoded login verification system to prevent possible issues on x86 MSSQL
    [!] Fixed not working reset skill tree and dual skill tree for Grow Lancer
    [!] Fixed Bonus Stats calculation in Grand Reset module
    [!] Fixed issue in Lottery when system could drawn number "0"
    [!] Fixed issue in Reset module related to GR stats bonus

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