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ImperiaMuCMS 1.0.13

Release Date: 03/01/2018

Security Release: Yes

Key Changes

[03-01-2018] 1.0.13
    [+] [AdminCP] Added Clear Inventory logs
    [+] [AdminCP] Added Register statistics in dashboard
    [+] [AdminCP] Added Ban HWID module
    [+] [AdminCP] Improved Rankings config module
    [+] [GMCP] Added option to edit navigation (gmcp/menu.php)
    [+] [Language] Added strings: market_txt_202, wheeloffortune_txt_1 - wheeloffortune_txt_26, monday - sunday,
            notification_error, notification_success, notification_warning, notification_info, notification_notice,
            class_wizard, class_knight, class_elf, class_gladiator, class_lord, class_summoner, class_fighter, class_lancer,
            rankings_txt_70 - rankings_txt_76, register_txt_24 - register_txt_31, module_titles_txt_33 - module_titles_txt_34,
            startingkit_txt_19 - startingkit_txt_22
    [+] Improved logs
    [+] Added new config into Rankings - display only active characters (logged in from last X days)
    [+] Added new config into Market - return item to seller after X days
    [+] Added new config into GMCP Manager - enable/disable management of Accounts and VIP
    [+] Added new maps and 4th quest classes into custom.php
    [+] Added new Rankings - Top Honor
    [+] Added general support for 4th quest classes
    [+] Added integration with IPS 4 Community Forums into Register module
    [+] Added new premium module - Wheel of Fortune
    [+] Added new configs into Paymentwall module - Signature check, Online check
    [+] Added new Rankings - Top AFK
    [+] Updated Paymentwall API
    [+] Added new configs to Starting Kit module (max. requirements, claim limit)
    [+] Updated Xtremetop100 API
    [!] [AdminCP] Fixed invalid date in Awaiting verification module
    [!] [AdminCP] Fixed not working icon to enable disabled guides/categories/sub-categories in Guides Manager module
    [!] [AdminCP] Fixed Delete function in Reset configuration module
    [!] [AdminCP] Fixed Add Promo Code module - prevent duplicates
    [!] [AdminCP] Updated Promo Codes Manager module - added Status column
    [!] [AdminCP] Fixed Webshop Add Item module not working on some MSSQL versions
    [!] Fixed some issues in Item class (item tooltip)
    [!] Fixed issue on Starting Kit module on some SQL Server versions
    [!] Fixed issue in Claim a Reward module with special symbols in character names
    [!] Fixed expiration items rewards not working correctly
    [!] Fixed displaying disabled guides/categories/sub-categories in menu in Guides module
    [!] Fixed credits configuration issue in installation process

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