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ImperiaMuCMS 1.0.5

Release Date: 05/12/2015

Security Release: No

Key Changes

[+] Added more configurations for Achievements System Unlock progress
    - Required Level, Master Level, Resets, Grand Resets
[+] [UserCP] Added functionality Upgrade Items into My Vault module
    - Add excellent options, skill and luck with wide range of configurations
    - More functionality can be added on request
[+] Added new Template
    - Original template from Archlord 2 website
[+] Added Platinum Exchange into Exchange module
[+] Added Online Players list into Rankings module
[+] Added new option to order Guild Rankings by characters progression
[+] Added support for new Ancient sets (ID: 50-63)
[+] Added Tooltip for Elemental items
[+] Added configuration for server Time Zone
[+] [Install] Added option for manual database import
[!] Some minor fixed in installation process
[!] Fixed guild logo not working on some hosts

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