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ImperiaMuCMS 1.0.6

Release Date: 28/12/2015

Security Release: No

Key Changes

[+] Added server countdown
[+] Improved light template
[+] Added new configs for Profile module
[+] Added new configs to show/hide WCoinC/GP in UserCP
[+] Added new config for Dual Stats module - enable/disable character's equipment check
[+] Added possibility to transfer WCoinC, GP, Zen in Transfer Coins module
[+] Added new config for Recruit a Friend - required level
[+] Added support for WCoinC, GP and Zen price for Transfer Character
[+] Added bonus credits system to PayPal donation (3 stages)
[+] Added new config for Vote system - enable/disable postback confirmation
[+] Added Online Hours Exchange to Exchange module
[+] Added new config for Paymentwall - switch between Digital Goods and Virtual Currency API
[+] Recoded installation process
[+] [AdminCP] Added Webshop & Market Logs
[!] [UserCP] Fixed same socket issue in Webshop
[!] [UserCP] Some fixes in Webshop's JavaScript
[!] [UserCP] Fixed Vote reward currency text in Vote and UserCP modules
[!] [AdminCP] Fixed Achievements Quest Manager
[!] [AdminCP] Removed alpha-numeric symbols check in Search Character
[!] Fixed minor issues with activation of premium modules

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