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ImperiaMuCMS 1.0.8

Release Date: 27/02/2016

Security Release: No

Key Changes

[+] Added new feature for Web Bank and My Vault Upgrade Items - custom items
    - You can allow custom items to be stored in Web Bank and they can be used as a payment type in Upgrade Items module
[+] Added option to switch between reCAPTCHA versions 1 and 2
[+] Added option to configure global time & date formats from config.php
[+] Added new option to Register - skip confirmation of ToS
[+] Added GameMaster Control Panel - access and permissions configurable from config.php
[+] Added Gens Statistics (total points and percentage for each family) into Gens Rankings with option to enable/disable this feature
[+] Added new Ranking - Married Characters
[+] Added redirect in Webshop on it's home page 5 second after successfully purchase
[+] Added PayPal minimum required amount to donate
[+] Added separated information about bonus credits into PayPal donation module
[+] Added support for "new line" into Tickets & Bug Tracker messages
[+] Cron system will now create cache file if it does not exist
[+] Increased maximum size of Staff Nickname in Tickets & Bug Tracker from 10 to 50 characters
[+] Submit of new ticket is now handled in My Tickets module
[+] Edited Item Tooltip - now it's not showing "Exc" before title of Ancient items
[+] Added support for new currencies into Buy VIP module - WCoinC, Goblin Points and Zen
[+] Added support for special symbols in characters' names
    - Supported symbols: _ ! ~ ^ @ # $ ? [ ] ( ) { } = - + * / \ |
    - All other symbols may cause problems, do not allow them in server files!
[+] Added support for new symbols into Rename Character module
    - Supported symbols: _ ! ~ ^ @ # $ ? [ ] ( ) { } = - + * / \ |
    - All other symbols may cause problems, do not allow them in server files!
[+] Added Total Members column into Guilds ranking
[+] Added new configs into PayPal module - support for custom logo on checkout page
[+] Added extended Language system and Language switch support configurable from config.php
[+] Added Lottery System
[+] Added new config into Downloads module - enable/disable system requirements
[+] Added new config into Downloads module - enable/disable drivers
[+] [UserCP] Recoded parts of Reset and Grand Reset modules
[+] [UserCP] While entering promo code small letters are now automatically transformed into capital letters
[+] [UserCP] Added Copy to Clipboard function for Recruit a Friend unique link
[+] [UserCP] Added AccountID information into PayPal's checkout page
[+] [Template] Added automatic scroll down to module (all pages except index/news) - can be configured in config.php
[+] [Template] Recoded bottom.php module - now Castle Siege and Top Voters are loaded from cache
[+] [Template] Moved Annoucement into language file
[+] [Unique] Added MU Lords system
[+] [Unique] Added Networking system
[+] [AdminCP] Added Items Inventory information into Account Info module
[+] [AdminCP] Added VIP information into Account Info module
[+] [AdminCP] Added VIP Management into Account Info module
[+] [AdminCP] Edited design of some form elements
[+] [AdminCP] Added improved CKEditor
[+] [Install] Edited Installation process
[!] [AdminCP] Fixed little issue in Rankings Settings module
[!] Fixed not showing excellent options on Wings
[!] Fixed Change Email module - showing success message about sent email if it shouldn't
[!] Other minor fixes and general improvement of code

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