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Release Date: 05/03/2016

Security Release: No

Key Changes

[+] Added option to configure open type for download link (_self, _blank)
[+] Added option to add description for download link
[+] Changed max. length of download title to 100 characters
[+] [Language] Added new strings: market_txt_195, market_txt_196, market_txt_197, donation_txt_20, donation_txt_21
[+] [Language] Replaced all %d with %s (increased maximum value from 2,147,483,647 to unlimited)
{+] [Language] Edited strings: transferchar_txt_7, myaccount_txt_29
[+] Added tax into Market - configurable tax amount and type (Platinum, Gold, Silver Coins, WCoinC, GP, Zen)
[+] Added general support for selling Pentagrams in Market (decreasing trade limit, transfering errtel options, etc.)
[+] Added full control over UserCP Main & Right Menu - configurable from templates/<your_template>/inc/modules/usercp_menu.php
[+] Added option to disable selling specific items in Market, IMPERIAMUCMS_ITEMS.sell
[+] Recoded some crons: CS History, Vote Rewards, MU Lords and Lottery Drawn
[+] Added new config into Rankings - Vote Type - you can switch between Total Votes and This Month Votes
[!] [UserCP] Fixed PayPal module showing "undefined bonus" when you deleted value of input
[!] Fixed not working new lines in Tickets & Bug Tracker on some systems

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