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ImperiaMuCMS 1.0.9

Release Date: 10/04/2016

Security Release: No

Key Changes

[10-04-2016] Version 1.0.9
    [+] Recoded stuff what used allow_url_fopen to cURL - increased security - REQUIRES cURL PHP EXTENSION !!!
    [+] Added new Dynamic Exchange System
    [+] Edited UserCP Menu display - now it's checking if module is enabled or not (item is displayed only if module is active)
    [+] Added support for new reward types into Promo Codes - WCoinC, GP, Zen
    [+] Added check for in-game and website currencies into UserCP - if row does not exist, it will be created
        - this will allows make donations for in-game and website currencies before player will login in game
    [+] Added Achievements Logs
    [+] Recoded Lift Bans cron
    [+] Added protection against form re-submit in all UserCP modules (AdminCP will be added later)
    [+] Added option to use MEMB_CREDITS from Me_MuOnline database - configurable in config.php - MEMB_CREDITS_MEMUONLINE
    [+] Added option to configure PayPal Return and Cancel URLs separately
    [+] Added new donation method - Homepay.pl
    [+] Added new donation method - PayU.pl
    [+] Added new config into Player Profile - enable/disable Location
    [+] Some improvements on Vote system
    [+] Added support for "<" and ">" symbols in Character & Guild name
    [+] Added support for Facebook Like & Share buttons (needs Facebook App)
    [+] Added support for Facebook Comment system (needs Facebook App)
    [+] Added option to switch between static and dynamic formula for GR credits reward
    [+] Added option to enable/disable IP check in Vote module
    [+] Added new option to configure requirements for each Achievement - Level, Master Level, Reset and Grand Reset
    [+] Added option to add custom donation methods - configurable from AdminCP
    [+] Added information about Guild Alliance & Guild Rivals into Guild Profile module
    [+] Added new configurations for "Killing Monsters" Achievements - requirements on monsters
    [+] Improved website's log system
    [+] Added new special Characters Ranking
    [+] Added country name hover on flags
    [+] Added option to switch between Killers Ranking Type - C_PlayerKiller_Info table and Character.PKCount
    [+] Added new configs for Bug Tracker
        - Enable/disable hidding names
        - Min & Max length of Subject and Message
        - Enable/disable commenting only own reports
    [+] [AdminCP] Recoded Ban System modules
    [+] [AdminCP] Edited Webshop Logs - now it's showing Item Info instead of item hex code
    [+] [AdminCP] Edited Market Logs - now it's showing Item Info instead of item hex code
    [+] [AdminCP] Edited Promo Logs - now it's showing Item Info instead of item hex code
    [+] [AdminCP] Added management for Premium Modules
    [+] [AdminCP] Added Vote Logs - successful & failed votes
    [+] [AdminCP} Updated radio boxes' UI
    [+] [AdminCP] Some other general improvements of forms' UI
    [+] [AdminCP] Added auto-completion of missing AdminCP & GMCP modules' access level in config file
    [+] [AdminCP] Added Website Settings module
    [+] [AdminCP] Added Admins Manager module
    [+] [AdminCP] Added GMs Manager module
    [+] [AdminCP] Added Languages Manager module
    [+] [AdminCP] Added Special Tools module
        - Check and add missing items into database from IGC_ItemList.xml
        - Import Castle Siege settings from IGC_CastleSiege.xml
    [+] [AdminCP] Added new panel into Dashboard - Statistics (if you would like to have more graphs, just let me know what would you like to have)
    [+] [AdminCP] Added AdminCP Logs - Extended logs on the website must be enabled
    [+] [GMCP] Added GMCP Logs - Extended logs on the website must be enabled
    [+] [Install] Improved installation process
    [-] [Language] Removed old language strings: exchange_txt_1 - exchange_txt_32
    [+] [Language] Added new language strings: global_module_13, exchange_txt_1 - exchange_txt_16, vip_txt_36, donation_txt_22 - donation_txt_29, tickets_txt_25, bugtracker_txt_42, profiles_txt_49, profiles_txt_50, rankings_txt_67 - rankings_txt_69, bugtracker_txt_45 - bugtracker_txt_47
    [+] [UserCP] Edited Account's Logs - now it's showing Item Info instead of item hex code
    [+] [UserCP] Added notification about updated Ticket into UserCP module
    [+] [UserCP] Added notification about updated Report in Bug Tracker into UserCP module
    [+] [UserCP] Added View My Reports into Bug Tracker
    [-] Removed case-sensitive check for "Character belongs to account" in UserCP modules
    [!] Fixed Achievements item rewards
    [!] Fixed Web Bank not showing custom items what contains more than 1 word
    [!] Fixed not working AdminCP and GMCP modules access restrictions
    [!] Fixed activation of Premium Modules
    [!] Fixed Change Class module - not working change to Dark Wizard
    [!] Fixed Gens rank with ID 0 - now it will shows as 14 - Private
    [!] Fixed not working Purchase VIP when you were not using default language
    [!] Fixed SQL error in login while using WZ MD5
    [!] Fixed not working Guild Logo in Castle Siege module on all web servers
    [!] Fixed submitting ticket in Lottery with numbers out of range
    [!] Fixed error message on Password Change module

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