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ImperiaMuCMS 1.1.0

Release Date: 23/04/2018

Security Release: No

Key Changes

[23-04-2018] 1.1.0
    [+] [Language] Added strings: rankings_txt_77 - rankings_txt_79, webshop_txt_94, market_txt_203 - market_txt_204,
        anc_opt_title, anc_opt_name, anc_opt_bonus_1, anc_opt_1 - anc_opt_210, wheeloffortune_txt_27,
        events_timer_txt_1 - events_timer_txt_5
    [+] [Language] Updated: market_txt_51 - market_txt_52
    [+] Added option to set different Level after Reset and Experience after Reset for VIP in Dynamic Reset System
    [+] Added support for updated class codes for Season 13
    [+] Added new Event Timer system
    [+] Added option to configure bonus stats in Dynamic Reset System based on character's class
    [+] Updated Level / Master Level / Reset / Grand Reset Rankings
    [+] Added option to reorder Rankings Menu - menu moved into custom.php
    [+] Added support for 8 characters per account (Season 13)
    [+] Added support for new socket options (Season 12 & Season 13)
    [+] Added support for new ancient options (Season 12 & Season 13)
    [+] Added support for currency rewards into Wheel of Fortune module
    [+] Updated Item Tooltip - added class requirements info, added different life options variants
    [+] Added support for IPv6
    [+] Added general support for IGCN Season 13 server files
    [+] Added Monthly/Weekly/Daily Characters Rankings (more in next update)
    [+] Added Clear 4th Skill Tree module (Season 13)
    [!] [AdminCP] Fixed Cash Shop Edit Subcategory module not updating record
    [!] [AdminCP] Fixed website configuration module - not saving server files version
    [!] [AdminCP] Fixed not working saving of some configs in UserCP Settings module
    [!] [AdminCP] Fixed Special Tools module - importing of items with single quote in name
    [!] Fixed import items function not working for items which include ' in name
    [!] Fixed not working Level after Reset and Experience after Reset in Dynamic Reset System
    [!] Fixed invalid prices for Luck in My Vault > Upgrade Item module
    [!] Fixed sidebar containers' CSS in default template
    [!] Removed GM characters from Top Online Rankings
    [!] Fixed not showing up amount of some currencies in Wheel of Fortune

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