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ImperiaMuCMS 2.0.0

Release Date: 28/10/2019

Security Release: Yes

Key Changes

[28-10-2019] 2.0.0
    [+] [Language] Added strings: rankings_txt_85 - rankings_txt_93, donation_txt_58 - donation_txt_59, resetcharacter_txt_41,
            donation_txt_60 - donation_txt_94, arkawar_txt_1 - arkawar_txt_22, bugtracker_txt_48, register_txt_36,
            privacypolicy_txt_1 - privacypolicy_txt_2, rules_txt_2, tickets_txt_26 - tickets_txt_27, market_txt_205 -
            market_txt_209, template_txt_58, changelogs_txt_4 - changelogs_txt_5, class_rune, news_txt_4 - news_txt_7,
            search_txt_5 - search_txt_6, vip_txt_37 - vip_txt_38, item_detail_webshop_txt_1 - item_detail_webshop_txt_14,
            anc_opt_211 - anc_opt_241, exc_opt_item_0 - exc_opt_item_18, exc_opt_wings_0 - exc_opt_wings_24,
            webshop_1 - webshop_85, exc_opt_wings_4th_0 - exc_opt_wings_4th_10, exc_opt_earring_left_0 - exc_opt_earring_left_4,
            exc_opt_earring_right_0 - exc_opt_earring_right_4, pentagram_main_opt_0, pentagram_add_opt_0 - pentagram_add_opt_6,
            server_statistics_1 - server_statistics_19, item_detail_txt_17, currency_zen, currency_bless, currency_soul,
            currency_life, currency_chaos, currency_harmony, currency_creation, currency_guardian, currency_location_webbank,
            forgotpass_txt_4, cashshop_txt_22, res_template_txt_*, res_template_slider_txt_*, breadcrumb_*,
            res_template_txt_1 - res_template_txt_33
    [+] [Language] Modified: register_txt_18, resetstats_txt_14 - resetstats_txt_15, clearskills_txt_7 - clearskills_txt_8,
            resetst_txt_12 - resetst_txt_13, unstuckcharacter_txt_8 - unstuckcharacter_txt_9, clearpk_txt_9 - clearpk_txt_10,
            clearinv_txt_4 - clearinv_txt_5, changeclass_txt_4, renamechar_txt_3, renamechar_txt_6, renamechar_txt_7, promo_txt_11,
            promo_txt_15, transfercoins_txt_6, transfercoins_txt_7, transferchar_txt_10, rules_txt_2, exchange_txt_5
    [+] Updated GTop100 API IPs
    [+] Moved items' styles from character profile into template CSS
    [+] Updated Guilds Rankings
    [+] Added Privacy Policy module
    [+] Added daily / weekly / monthly rankings
    [+] Added option to purchase Copyright Removal
    [+] Added option to purchase Dynamic IP License
    [+] New responsive design
    [+] Added News Type - Notice, Event, Update, Maintenance (available only for new design)
    [+] Recoded all modules to support new responsive design
    [+] Added fully automated daily / weekly / monthly rankings rewards
    [+] Added full support for IGCN Season 14 (support for Season 15 is coming too)
    [+] Added TMPay donation gateway (unique module)
    [!] [AdminCP] Fixed visual bug in Paymentwall settings module
    [!] [AdminCP] Fixed Register module not saving some configs
    [!] Fixed new pentagrams in Market
    [!] Fixed not working Q&A and Country disabling in Registration module when email verification is enabled
    [!] Fixed not working withdrawal of GP investments in Architect module
    [!] Fixed issues in Events Timer
    [!] Fixed issues in Boss Timer
    [!] Fixed Web Bank not recognizing jewels on S13+
    [!] Fixed Recruit a Friend - not working copy button in all browsers
    [!] Fixed issue with sockets in Webshop module
    [!] Fixed Dual Skill Tree not working correctly on S13+
    [!] Fixed Clear Skill Tree not working correctly on S13+
    [!] Fixed Clear Skills not working correctly on S13+
    [!] Fixed Check Equipment in Reset and Grand Reset modules not working correctly on S13+
    [!] Fixed issues marked as "Fixed" in Bug Tracker
    ... and much more!

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