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ImperiaMuCMS 2.0.11

Release Date: 01/12/2020

Security Release: Yes

Key Changes

[01-12-2020] 2.0.11
    [+] [AdminCP] Improved Vote logs
    [+] [AdminCP] Added new option into Special Tools - Add Ancient Sets and Items into Database
    [+] Added option to configure type of Item Drop searching (use less or more memory)
    [+] Added option to configure Market fee in percentage
    [+] Claim a Reward now displays only rewards for current account's characters
    [+] Added VIP configs to Grand Reset module
    [+] Added new module Party Matching (needs to be added into navigation)
    [+] Added new template config - Party Matching
    [+] Added new module - Event Inventory - manage your event inventory items on web
    [+] Added ItemSetOption.xml into files/IGCN
    [+] Ancient options are now loaded from ItemSetOption.xml file
    [+] Updated serial in item tooltip - now it's displayed as decimal number (instead of hexadecimal)
    [+] Added new module - Account Settings
    [+] Added new config to Change Email module - delay in days
    [+] Added new configs to Login module - Two-Factor Authentication and Code Expiration
    [+] Added new option to Account Settings module - enable Two-Factor Authentication
    [+] Added new email template - LOGIN_SEND_VERIFICATION_CODE
    [+] Added cron job to remove unused verification codes created for two-factor authentication
    [!] Fixed issue with Wings of Power
    [!] Fixed item tooltip for Jewel of Chaos
    [!] Fixed Gun Crushers rankings cron job

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