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ImperiaMuCMS 2.0.15

Release Date: 26/04/2021

Security Release: Yes

Key Changes

[26-04-2021] 2.0.15
    [+] Added option to create Webshop packages & mystery boxes only for Gun Crushers
    [+] Added Ruud into Web Bank
    [+] Logs are now divided into smaller files
    [+] Added cron job to delete old log files
    [+] Added browser notifications for Event Timer
    [+] Updated Downloads page - drivers section
    [+] Added serial into item tooltip in AdminCP logs modules
    [+] Added option to use Ruud as a reward in Promo Codes
    [+] Added option to use Ruud as a reward in Activity Rewards
    [+] Added option to use Ruud as a price type in Market
    [+] [Unique] Added Event Winner Rewards module
    [+] [Unique] Added Character Inventory Management module
    [+] Added option to create custom Promo Codes
    [+] Added Start and Expiration date for Promo Codes
    [!] Fixed issue with Adventures cron job
    [!] Fixed issue with email address validation
    [!] Fixed issue with deletion of webshop items
    [!] Fixed issue with deletion of language in Language Manager
    [!] Fixed issue in installation wizard - wrong query
    [!] Fixed issue in Grand Reset module - incorrect information about rewards
    [!] Fixed issue in Activity Rewards module - requirements to use the module
    [!] Fixed not recognizing items with category "20" in Achievements module
    [!] Fixed issue in Guild Profiles related to lower licenses
    [!] Fixed issue in Webshop with Bonus Socket option in some scenarios

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