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ImperiaMuCMS 2.0.4

Release Date: 12/12/2019

Security Release: Yes

Key Changes

[12-12-2019] 2.0.4
    [+] [Language] Added strings:
            webshop_92 - webshop_97, class_slayer, res_template_txt_34 - res_template_txt_35, transferaccount_txt_53,
    [+] Added new config to Webshop - Global Discount
    [+] Updated class code for Slayer's 4th evolution
    [+] Added category management into Webshop module
    [+] Added Packages into Webshop module
    [+] Added Mystery Boxes into Webshop module
    [+] Added option to Webshop module to select Item Level +0 - +15
    [+] Added dynamic selection of Harmony option based on selected Item Level to Webshop module
    [+] Added support for new structure of FormulaData.xml (please update all files in includes/files/IGCN/)
    [+] Added Top Bar with current account and quick navigation into ImperiaMuCMS template
    [+] Added News History pagination
    [+] Added option to choose between collapsible and standard news
    [+] Added class to Paymentwall iframe to control height of the app
    [+] Added option to disable regex in Change Name module
    [!] [AdminCP] Fixed visual bug in Rankings config module
    [!] [AdminCP] Fixed not working filter in Webshop Sockets Manager
    [!] Fixed issue with 4th wings in Webshop module
    [!] Added missing classes in Change Class module to support S15
    [!] Fixed not displaying country flag in Monthly Votes Rankings
    [!] Fixed not working weekly and monthly Rankings Rewards
    [!] Fixed issue with not working texts in Remove Market Items cron job

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