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ImperiaMuCMS 2.0.5

Release Date: 09/02/2020

Security Release: Yes

Key Changes

[09-02-2020] 2.0.5
    [+] [Language] Added strings:
            res_template_txt_37 - res_template_txt_41, transfercoins_txt_9 - transfercoins_txt_18, monster_all, monster_0 - monster_854,
            rankings_txt_94 - rankings_txt_103, breadcrumb_rankings_monsterhunter, breadcrumb_usercp_activityrewards, breadcrumb_usercp_mycharacters,
            breadcrumb_rankings_fastresets, breadcrumb_rankings_fastgresets, profiles_txt_52, badge_*, cleareventinv_txt_1 - cleareventinv_txt_10,
            myaccount_txt_83 - myaccount_txt_86, activityrewards_1 - activityrewards_21, mycharacters_1 - mycharacters_1
    [+] Added class filter on packages and mystery boxes in Webshop
    [+] Added countdown to ImperiaMuCMS template
    [+] Added Life option range +0 - +28 into Webshop module
    [+] Added check in Webshop to purchase item with max. 3 SX options
    [+] Added "Message" to Transfer Coins Module
    [+] Added history of sent and received transactions to Transfer Coins module
    [+] Added Monster Hunter Rankings with support for Daily/Weekly/Monthly Rankings Rewards
    [+] Added pagination to Items Inventory module
    [+] Added pagination to Claim a Reward module
    [+] Added pagination to Auction module
    [+] Added limit to Ended Auctions - latest 10 ended auctions will be displayed
    [+] Added Badges System (Premium Plus)
    [+] Added Clear Event Inventory module
    [+] Added Activity Rewards module (Premium Plus)
    [+] Added option to enable/disable equipment check in each Reset stage
    [+] Added pagination to Webshop Purchase History
    [+] SQL logs are now created only in case of error
    [+] Added option to register multiple accounts with one email address
    [+] Added new rankings - Fastest Resets and Fastest Grand Resets
    [+] Added pagination to Changelogs module
    [+] [AdminCP] Added new Special Tool - MonsterKillCount.xml Generator
    [+] [AdminCP] Added new Special Tool - Monster Language Generator
    [+] [AdminCP] Improved logs system
    [+] [AdminCP] Added Starting Kit logs
    [+] [Template] Added "Active Players" to sidebar
    [!] Fixed Countdown on new responsive template
    [!] Fixed Exc + Socket in Webshop on S6 - S9
    [!] Fixed invalid URLs outside of website in Guides
    [!] Fixed Clear Skill Tree module not working correctly
    [!] Other small fixes and performance improvements

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