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Pre Sale Questions

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Pre Sale Questions

Hi, All!

i am  looking for a cms for IGC S13 Server files. 


I am a User of another premium CMS as about 2 years and i have a lot of problems in last time...


First and most important; i need to know if Imperamucms supports a module to receive donations via "Mercadopago Argentina" with a system wich auto acredit the Wcoins buyed, same with "Paypall" and "CuentaDigital Argentina"

2) , i need fully support to S13 Serverfiles when IGC Release the Suitable Version.

3) I need the security to recibe support fast passing the time, i am looking for a change of CMS beacouse the support of the other ones sometimes take 1 week to response... First start nice with fast support but then? Premium Cms are so expensive to have that problems...

4) I need an Efficient MU Item Shop system; i am tired of changing item per item beacouse a item that dont have "Skill" Appears to buy with option Skill., then i need to change item per item to fix it. Or a item Socket Appears with excellent options, i want to limite to buy all items with maxium bless level to +11, there is a fast way to do that at Imperia Cms?


4a) Imperia Cms have a fast way to update item shop with new items when a new season releases?


5) I like to see a Imperia CMS working there is a Web Hosted with access to admin CP to see the configurations?

6) Imperia Cms have a Ticket System included in the webpage?



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I am glad that you are interested in ImperiaMuCMS and I will try to answer your questions:

  1. Such donation module is currently not implemented, but you can request for it and I will implement it. There are more automated donation systems like PayPal, PayGol, Paymentwall, SuperRewards, Pagseguro...
  2. Support for S13 is partly implemented already, the rest will be added soon.
  3. I am on forums almost 24/7, the same on Skype so usually you will get reply within few minutes during working hours (8:00 - 16:00 GMT+1). Otherwise it's usually 1-2 hours.
  4. Yes, there is a "global config" what can override config of items.
    1. Currently not, but I am planning some changes in Webshop management (AdminCP config modules at all).
  5. I don't have any demo atm. If you have any related questions, please ask, I will answer you.
  6. Yes.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

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