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Hello there!

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Hello there!

Hello Jacubb,
Im a new customer from IGCNetwork S13 files and they give me your link, and... just WoW!
I have to congratz you for  develop this awesome CMS, just amazing. Same top level as IGCN files.

I think you are a serious dev. so i will buy this CMS, for sure 100%.

Just have to wait, my server is on dev mode right now, i will open it this May 3. And i will put ON the website 1 month before the OPEN.

I need to know some things if you can help me:

1- How much money cost modules for new donations? (Like MercadoPago, RapiPago, and similars)
2- How much cost a custom module? (I know it depends from wich module, but tell me a min - max)
3- You always update cms when IGCN update files?
4- Its possible add to this webshop the option to buy items choosing how much options it have and wich options? Example: I want they can just choose 3 options, what they want but just 3. 

Thank you very much for your great job, I'll be happy to pay you for this.

PD: Sorry for my english i try my best.

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thank you, I really appreciate it. 

  1. It depends on complexity of the donation system, prices start at ±25 USD.
  2. Again, it depends on complexity of the module, if it's something simple, it might starts at 5 USD, very complex system might goes up to 200 - 300 USD. Usually all custom requests were between 30 - 100 USD.
  3. Yes, I keep CMS updated with latest IGCN files, support for S13 is under development.
  4. Yes, it's possible to configure maximum options for webshop.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

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You think support for S13 will be released at this April?

And other thing, is hard to me pay by PayPal, i live alone in this city and i dont got credit card at this moment. (difficult to have a credit card in Argentina)
Can i have the possibility to pay by WesternUnion ? It would be great.

Thanks for your response.

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Yes, it should be released earlier.

I think we can deal on something, but if you will want to pay with WU, you will have to pay higher amount at once.

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