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IGCN Season 6 Episode 3 and Dedicated Server

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IGCN Season 6 Episode 3 and Dedicated Server

Hello. I have some questions;

  1. Website and its modules are compatible with igcn season 6 episode 3 database?
  2. Planning to buy VPS with windows server 2016 x64. Do I need Plesk panel for website installation? And if I don't buy plesk, do you install website to dedicated server for free at start?
  3. Is there any guide for your website installation?

Thank you.

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  1. Yes, website is fully compatible with IGCN S6E3.
  2. Website requirements are written here on forums in information section, so you need to have PHP 5.6 and some extensions. Version 2.0.0 has requirement for PHP 7.2. Also keep in mind, that IIS is not supported, so you should get Apache2, nginx or another web server. I am not offering free installation service, however, installation service price starts at 20 EUR if it's installation on Windows + XAMPP.
  3. Here on forums is tutorials section where is step by step installation and configuration guide.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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