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ImperiaMuCMS 1.0.12

Release Date: 21/04/2017

Security Release: No

Key Changes

[21-04-2017] Version 1.0.12
    [+] [AdminCP] Added Grow Lancer data into chart
    [+] [AdminCP] Added option to edit balance and web bank items amount in account info module
    [+] [AdminCP] Added option to show/hide news
    [+] [AdminCP] Added option to block chat on character
    [+] [Language] Added strings:
            exc_opt_weapon_1 - exc_opt_weapon_8, exc_opt_set_1 - exc_opt_set_10, exc_opt_wings2_1 - exc_opt_wings2_5, exc_opt_wings2dl_1 - exc_opt_wings2dl_4,
            exc_opt_wings2rf_1 - exc_opt_wings2rf_3, exc_opt_wings25_1 - exc_opt_wings25_2, exc_opt_wings3_1 - exc_opt_wings3_4, exc_opt_wings41_1 - exc_opt_wings41_4,
            exc_opt_wings42_1 - exc_opt_wings42_3, socket_bonus_weapon_1 - socket_bonus_weapon_11, socket_bonus_set_1 - socket_bonus_set_4, socket_bonus,
            item_detail_txt_1 - item_detail_txt_16, template_txt_46 - template_txt_52, startingkit_txt_16 - startingkit_txt_18,
            resetcharacter_txt_38 - resetcharacter_txt_39
    [+] [Language] Modified strings: market_txt_16
    [+] Added new option into Starting Kit module - reward items type (single item, multiple items, random item)
    [+] Changed logic in Starting Kit module - every starting kit can be claimed only once by same character
    [+] Added support for Ultratop100's voting postback system
    [+] Added new options into Reset System - required price type - support for Web Bank items
    [+] Added new config for Auctions - Bid Type (with/without reserve)
    [+] Added IPB4 integration API
    [+] Implemented new Events Timer
    [!] [AdminCP] Fixed some date formats in logs modules
    [!] Fixed Castle Siege cron
    [!] Added account online check into Exchange module
    [!] Fixed Keep GR Bonus Stats issue on Reset System while using Fixed Bonus Stats formula

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