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Free License Request

Would you like to try ImperiaMuCMS for free*? Request your free license right now via TICKET. Choose "Free License Request" as a department. 
*ImperiaMuCMS Free license doesn't include all website features. If you would like to get access to all cool and unique features of ImperiaMuCMS, purchase Premium Plus license.

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  2. Discounts

    Discounts Are you planning to open new MU server and looking for best CMS with a lot of cool and unique features? Get it now with nice discount -30% for all ImperiaMuCMS packages and -50% for additional licenses. In case you're interested in lifetime license without monthly fees, please contact us via support ticket for more information. Would you like to have a custom unique module or template? Do not hesitate to send us your requirements and claim discount -30% for your order. If you would like to know how to claim your discount, please contact us via support ticket. Promotion is valid till 30th of June 2022.
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  4. Comprar Licencia

    Hello, they are using our CMS and you can purchase a license in our store. You can also find the price and all information there. http://imperiamucms.com/store/ In case you have more questions, feel free to ask.
  5. Comprar Licencia Disculpen quisiera adquirir una licencia similar a la que usa esta wep donde lo puedo adquirir o ver precios todo esos detalles - español text
  6. 2.0.18

    [11-02-2022] 2.0.18 Available only to customers
  7. Christmas Sale

    Christmas Sale May your Christmas sparkle with moments of love, laughter and goodwill. And may the year ahead be full of contentment and joy. Have a Merry Christmas! Get your discount right now with coupon code XMAS2021. Promotion is available until end of year 2021.
  8. 2.0.17

    [30-09-2021] 2.0.17 Available only to customers
  9. Availble template?

    Yes, it can be hosted also on hosting, for example cPanel. Regarding SSO, I will have to check their documentation. Price also depends on your requirement - if you want it as a unique feature just for you or it can be released for everyone. If it could be used by everyone, I would do it for free.
  10. Availble template?

    can imperia be hosted on a hosting? how much does it cost to create SSO with forum software such as (flarum or invision)?
  11. Availble template?

    Price depends on the complexity of the template and if you provide me HTML+CSS or some other format. Price starts at 50 EUR. You can search for "Powered by ImperiaMuCMS" in Google to find some live websites
  12. Availble template?

    how much does it cost to create a custom template? can you share a demo or one of your client with a live website?
  13. Availble template?

    I have couple more templates which I did and also few which I am planning to make, but currently I am working on new update as a priority. But as I said, if you don't like default template, you can adjust it for your needs or request custom template
  14. Availble template?

    is that the only free template come with imperia cms? is there any premium template?
  15. Availble template?

    Hello, you can see default ImperiaMuCMS template in this topic in the first image: If you would like to have some other template, you can request for any design what you like and I will integrate it for you. However, default template is very fast and responsive, so it also works on mobile devices and it's very simple to change it's color scheme.
  16. Availble template?

    Availble template? Where can i view the available template for the CMS?
  17. 2.0.16

    [11-07-2021] 2.0.16 Available only to customers
  18. Summer Sales 2021

    Who wants to get the best CMS with unique features to improve your server? Now you have a chance to get ImperiaMuCMS with -30% discount! Get your license now and enjoy all benefits and cool features on your server. First customer will also get a discount for custom template or module by his choice! Use coupon code "SUMMER30" in the checkout. Promotion is valid till end of July 2021. If you still don't know, if ImperiaMuCMS is the right choice for you, check out our gallery, features list and contact us for more details about FREE 7 days testing period. You can contact us here on forums via ticket or on discord.
  19. Webshop - Class Filter

    Hello, yes, website has Arka War and Gun Crusher rankings.
  20. Webshop - Class Filter

    hola tienes webq soporte rankign arka y gunscrasher ç
  21. Purchase question consultation

    Same nick as here.
  22. Purchase question consultation

    Please tell me your skype or discord
  23. ImperiaMuCMS Premium Plus Package

    No, only IGCN.
  24. ImperiaMuCMS Premium Plus Package

    louis files compatible?
  25. Purchase question consultation

    1. Yes 2. When you use for example Google Chrome, it can translate website directly in browser. 3. No, I don't have any video. If you will need help with understanding of some features or configs, you can write on forums or contact me via Skype/Discord and I will explain. 4. If you get lifetime license, yes, all updates will be free.
  26. Purchase question consultation

    1. Can the domain name and server ID address be modified after purchase? 2. admincp cannot modify the language, so it is difficult for people in other countries to understand the English language. 3. Do you have a detailed video on how to use youtube? 4. Is the update free forever?
  27. Purchase question consultation

    Hello, 1. Yes you can. 2. Only website, AdminCP currently doesn't have language system. 3. Only some parts of the website. 100% non-encrypted source can be purchased separately. 4. Monthly fee is 20 EUR. You can purchase license for 12 months, where you have couple months for free. You can also request for a lifetime license which doesn't include monthly fees.
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