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  4. AdminCP is in English and cannot be translated ATM. However, you can use Google translate plugin in your browser to translate it into Korean.
  5. Is the admin panel also changeable in Korean?
  6. I don't have any official demo, you can search on google for "Powered by ImperiaMuCMS". Website has language system so you can translate it into Korean.
  7. Can I see the demo site? How do I change the language to Korean?
  8. Website work with Season 14?

    Hello, support for S14 is in progress.
  9. Website work with Season 14? Hello, Imperiamucms work with season 14 or not? Thanks so much!
  10. Hello, you can visit our store here on forums where you can make a purchase. Installation Configuration of the website must be done by you. There is a step by step guide how to install website.
  11. I'd like to buy it. What should I do? It will be used in Korea.Do you make basic settings?
  12. Hello, I have a question

    Hello, website has referral system with unique link for every player. Did you mean this or something else?
  13. Hello, I have a question

    It will be your last question. Thank you for your reply. I have no problem purchasing a gold package, but I am having trouble paying between players. In Korea, you can not use PayPal donation payment system among Koreans because of PayPal regulations. Are there other payment methods? If I do not have a payment method, I need to check all donors. You have to give donation points manually.
  14. Hello, I have a question

    Hello, I have a question Is it possible to generate a personal promotional address? Is it programmable as an attachment link? https://blog.naver.com/PostList.nhn?blogId=gyeja90&skinType=&skinId=&from=menu&userSelectMenu=true https://blog.naver.com/PostList.nhn?blogId=gyeja90&skinType=&skinId=&from=menu&userSelectMenu=true
  15. DEMO web

    thx bro.
  16. Gold package inquiry

    thank you for answering
  17. Gold package inquiry

    Hello, website comes with 2 free templates - brown and light, another free template will be released as a part of version 2.0.0 soon. Other templates are paid. You can edit template as you want, you can change it's CSS and also images.
  18. Gold package inquiry

    Gold package inquiry Do you have any other layouts in the Gold package? Can you choose a background or a picture?
  19. DEMO web

    You can find some websites HERE.
  20. DEMO web

    give links or any, i want to touch before buying

    Hello, website has language system and all texts are stored in one file, all you have to do is translate this file to Korean or any other language what you want.
  22. IS THERE A KOREAN LANGUAGE PACKAGE? Do I have a tutorial if I have to translate? Or can you help me?
  23. Black Friday 2018 Discounts Black Friday discounts are here and you can claim your -40% discount for ImperiaMuCMS packages, additional licencies and all premium modules. Use coupon code "BLCKFRD18" in checkout. Promotion is available till end of November 2018.
  24. Reset system

    Hello, website has dynamic reset system so you can configure almost everything. You can configure delay for resets (also different for VIP users), you can configure price, required items, level, master level, rewards for reset, etc.
  25. Reset system

    Reset system Hello, it is possible to set a ress system on this cms: The first script is to rely on that after reset lvl withdraws to a different level. E.g: 1,220 lvl reset (to reset the stones mentioned above are needed). 2 reset 240 lvl 3 reset 260 lvl 4 reset 280 lvl 5 reset 300 lvl 6 reset 320 lvl The second scrypt is a retarder :: Normal: Res every 72 hours Vip: Res every 48h The third script is taking items for res: 1 res - 10jog + 13 2 res - 10jog + 13 3 res - 10jog + 13 4 res - 10jog + 13 5 res - 10jog + 13 6 res - 10jog + 13 + item exc +10 The fourth script is: Putting any option in any item every 6 ress.
  26. Microsoft, Google, Amazone... all they offer free hosting. With google you can run website over a year for free.
  27. Okay, maybe in the near future. Because the cost of having this site, is very expensive, outside your monthly payments, ha and most importantly, who does not know about design and who does not know how to make a decent templant pay for a ... so maybe later on, thank you.
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