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    Example website client plz? Thx
  5. Web

    Hello, gold package costs annually 237,38 USD including PayPal fees, silver is for 94,95 USD.
  6. Web

    hello, how much a website goes out annually for files igcn season 12, webshop etc
  7. Yes, website can be hosted on Linux.
  8. Can be Linux Hosting?
  9. Hello. Yes, you can use different hosting for website to separate it from game server. Yes, there is a detailed installation guide for the website. No, installation of the website and/or additional software is for additional fee. Website has very strong security and it's used for over 2 years without any successful injections.
  10. Hi, some questions: Can I setup the MuCMS on the simple hosting, and the game server on the other? Do you have a guide for instal? Do you have a free instalation management by your engineer`s? Your product is protected from hackers? Thnx.
  11. Hello, yes, it's compatible with S12.
  12. [IGCN] [ Season 12 Part1-2 ] compatible? bronze package
  13. Hello, website by default comes in English, however you are able to translate it into Chinese, since website supports multi-language system.
  14. Do you support Chinese? Do you have a Chinese language pack? Or do you need to translate?
  15. I already told you the price for it
  16. I understand. What will be price for this desing ? I have PSD and HTML version !
  17. Hello, as I told you before, I can offer you 30% discount, however this discount is only for the license, not for additional modules and services. ImperiaMuCMS has 2 free templates, in future there will be more, I am already working on some templates and I am also preparing custom template specially for ImperiaMuCMS. You can also provide me your own design and I can implement it into website.
  18. Hello, Continue our conversation about trace from my dmncms to your's cms. What it's the last price will all discounts that you give to me ? I need Silver Pack with Achievements.. I can give my active dmncms account. And last quation, what about desing ? If i buy your's cms, i have any standart designs ? Where i can see them ?
  19. 1.0.12

    [21-04-2017] Version 1.0.12 [+] [AdminCP] Added Grow Lancer data into chart [+] [AdminCP] Added option to edit balance and web bank items amount in account info module [+] [AdminCP] Added option to show/hide news [+] [AdminCP] Added option to block chat on character [+] [Language] Added strings: exc_opt_weapon_1 - exc_opt_weapon_8, exc_opt_set_1 - exc_opt_set_10, exc_opt_wings2_1 - exc_opt_wings2_5, exc_opt_wings2dl_1 - exc_opt_wings2dl_4, exc_opt_wings2rf_1 - exc_opt_wings2rf_3, exc_opt_wings25_1 - exc_opt_wings25_2, exc_opt_wings3_1 - exc_opt_wings3_4, exc_opt_wings41_1 - exc_opt_wings41_4, exc_opt_wings42_1 - exc_opt_wings42_3, socket_bonus_weapon_1 - socket_bonus_weapon_11, socket_bonus_set_1 - socket_bonus_set_4, socket_bonus, item_detail_txt_1 - item_detail_txt_16, template_txt_46 - template_txt_52, startingkit_txt_16 - startingkit_txt_18, resetcharacter_txt_38 - resetcharacter_txt_39 [+] [Language] Modified strings: market_txt_16 [+] Added new option into Starting Kit module - reward items type (single item, multiple items, random item) [+] Changed logic in Starting Kit module - every starting kit can be claimed only once by same character [+] Added support for Ultratop100's voting postback system [+] Added new options into Reset System - required price type - support for Web Bank items [+] Added new config for Auctions - Bid Type (with/without reserve) [+] Added IPB4 integration API [+] Implemented new Events Timer [!] [AdminCP] Fixed some date formats in logs modules [!] Fixed Castle Siege cron [!] Added account online check into Exchange module [!] Fixed Keep GR Bonus Stats issue on Reset System while using Fixed Bonus Stats formula
  20. shop

    Price of custom template starts at 40 USD if you will provide me HTML and CSS codes, but price can be higher if template is more complex or if you will want to make some changes and/or add new features.
  21. shop

    I would like you to explain to me that the 40 $ and the others refer since I do not have much knowledge. please
  22. You can't buy this template, it was make as unique template and it was already sold
  23. How to buy that template ?
  24. shop

    It depends on the template type - if you will provide me only PSD format, HTML + CSS or you will want custom template. Webshop module is free and it's included in all ImperiaMuCMS packages.
  25. shop

    How much would a template ? + webshop online .
  26. shop

    Hello, if you want to purchase ImperiaMuCMS, you can visit our STORE where you will find all available packages and also prices. Yes, you can use your own domain and hosting, license will be provided on it during purchase. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.
  27. shop

    Excuse my English. I would like to know if they can sell me webs, for what domain and hosting I have. I would like to know the price for which I am from Peru. I am very interested because I need a safe webshop where I can make donations and then recharge your baul suits bought .
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