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*ImperiaMuCMS Free license doesn't include all website features. If you would like to get access to all cool and unique features of ImperiaMuCMS, purchase Premium Plus license.

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  3. Promotion - 2 Free Special Modules of Your Choice New promotion available! Buy ImperiaMuCMS Premium Plus license with at least 3 months subscription and get free web hosting (located in USA) and choose up to 2 special modules for free! Special modules from which you can choose 2 modules for free: Dashboard Lite Coinbase Donation Gateway Crypto.com Donation Gateway Revolut Donation Gateway Stripe Donation Gateway Special modules from which you can choose 1 module for free: Dashboard Discord BOT Binance Donation Gateway In case you don't like any of those modules, I will implement custom module based on your requirements. This promotion is valid until 12th of May 2024.
  4. Free Web Hosting for ImperiaMuCMS Thanks to our partner OnesiteCloud.com we are now providing free web hosting for ImperiaMuCMS! This offer is limited and can be used for new and also existing customers. To request free web hosting you must own active ImperiaMuCMS license and submit a ticket with your request. Access to your cPanel will be provided within 48 hours. Technical details about free web hosting plan: Hosting for 1 domain Disk: 10 GB NVMe RAM: 2 GB Guaranteed CPU: 4 vCore Guaranteed (400% CPU) 2 Email Accounts SSL for Free cPanel Control Panel LiteSpeed Web Server + LSCache Daily Backups Anti-Hack Protection WAF Firewall 1 TB bandwidth 24/7 technical support Hosting Location: USA There's also an option to request premium web hosting plan which includes: Hosting for 5 domains Disk: 50 GB NVMe RAM: 4 GB Guaranteed CPU: 6 vCore Guaranteed (400% CPU) 5 Email Accounts SSL for Free cPanel Control Panel LiteSpeed Web Server + LSCache Daily Backups Anti-Hack Protection WAF Firewall Unlimited bandwidth 24/7 technical support Hosting Location: USA Premium hosting plan can be purchased for discounted price 15 EUR / 20 USD monthly. This offer is restricted for hosting of ImperiaMuCMS and it's related features only. In case hosting will be used for other purposes, it will be disabled without previous warning and your ImperiaMuCMS license will be canceled.
  5. Promotion - Easter 2024 Celebrate Easter with ImperiaMuCMS and grab your 20% discount right now for all ImperiaMuCMS packages. Use promo code "EASTER24" during checkout and enjoy cool and unique features of ImperiaMuCMS and boost your server's attractivity! Promotion is valid till 7th of April 2024.
  6. 2.1.2

    [2024-03-11] 2.1.2 [+] Added support for Season 19 Part 3 ...the rest is available only to customers
  7. Some specific questions.

    Hello, currently there's no Binance module, but I am planning to implement it, price will be around 50 EUR. There are already Coinbase and crypto.com donation systems where you can pay with crypto. Yes, I can integrate your custom design into CMS, price is usually 100-150 EUR, it depends on complexity of the template. You will have to provide me HTML+CSS of the template you like.
  8. Some specific questions. Hi, we want to purchase your cms, but, first we want to do any questions. Have binance module? If not, how much $ to do a module? Want to see your templates, and i dont know if u make a custom design and how much $?
  9. Some things are confusing

    List of modules is available here on forums and I have already provided link where you can find it. Regarding templates, CMS comes with one fully responsive and highly customizable template. In case you don't like it, you can order custom template. In case you want to buy with USD, we can discuss in private, I can send you payment request in USD so it's not a problem. Actually, it's possible that website will run correctly also on IIS, but I have not tested it. In case you want to try out and you will face any issues, I will be here for you and provide you support and fix your issues.
  10. Some things are confusing

    Hello, About Templates/Modules: I need to know what templates you have available for the website, without this there is no way I can be buying, I don't agree with you keeping this hidden from members, because in order to become customers we need to know basic information ,which involves knowing which templates and modules are available ., at no point did I ask for access to modules, but rather access to basic pre-sales information. Regarding your comment "I think it is currently possible to purchase license only in EUR." In your forum you put the USD option, but when you click it i get the bug that I specified in my previous post, although buying using EUR is more expensive, it's okay i could buy using some conversion system, but it is more expensive and i would pay unnecessary fees , it would be better for customers who use USD to correct and add a price for USD as well.. About IIS, in the description section of the link sent, you inform that "you haven't added support yet", That's a pity because I maintain several websites and I have always run all my muserver websites on IIS, I don't plan to install XAMPP, so I will wait for your website to have support and Who knows, maybe I'll buy it in the future. Thanks.
  11. Some things are confusing

    Hello, as a non-customer you don't have access to some products so that's why modules/templates section in store is empty. However, you can find list of features here: http://imperiamucms.com/topic/3-features-information/ I think that currently it's possible to purchase license only in EUR. In case you would like to implement some new custom modules, you will be able to request them after you become a customer. CMS currently supports IGCN, MUDevs, Loius and MUEMU server files, but if you provide me database of XTeam files I can take a look and check if it's the same with already supported files. You can still install web server on your local machine and host website there. You can use XAMPP or any other apache/nginx based web server. In case you have more questions do not hesistate to ask
  12. Some things are confusing

    Some things are confusing I have been accessing the "Modules" area to see the plugins, but everything is blank, it seems that the area has not been filled in and is abandoned, the same happens with the templates area. Can you provide me with a link to the available templates? free and paid ones (if you have them ready for sale) When I select USD and click on "IMPERIAMUCMS PREMIUM FULL" it seems to be bugged, the initial value does not appear, only the monthly fee.. is that the case or is bug? I didn't find a very famous automatic currency return plugin on Brazilian servers, which is paghiper.com, do you have or would you add this plugin? to receive payments via automatic “pix”. Is this website compatible with XTeam original files? I also saw in the description that it doesn't work in IIS, I would like to know what is the reason that prevents this website from working in IIS? , i always use several websites all on IIS, avoiding paying for unnecessary hosting. I hope you can answer all the questions, I'm interested in purchasing, thank you.
  13. About default template modification

    Hello, you are able to create your 9wn template if you want, it's possible to edit most of the PHP parts and in case you will need to edit something, which is part of encoded files, I will help you with that
  14. About default template modification Hello, I am thinking of buying ImperiaMuCms and I would like to know what the flexibility is when it comes to modifying the default template that the theme comes with. I am a web designer and I can create a template and implement it in any CMS, but I want to know how the files are managed, if I can edit the CSS, PHP files, HTML, etc. Thank you
  15. Merry Christmas 2023 (+PROMO CODE) Christmas are here again and it's time for a nice discount for ImperiaMuCMS packages! Get your ImperiaMuCMS Premium Plus license right now with 20% discount. Use coupon code "XMAS2023" in your checkout to claim it. Offer also applies to upgrades of your existing licenses and also for lifetime license. For more information about upgrade and lifetime licenses with discounted price please contact me ImperiaMuCMS already supports IGCN Season 19 1-2 and support for incoming Season 19 1-3 will be added very soon! Wishing you and your loved ones a Christmas filled with love, joy, and wonderful moments that create lasting memories. Merry Christmas!
  16. 2.1.1

    [2023-12-21] 2.1.1 [+] Added support for Season 19 Part 1-2 ...the rest is available only to customers
  17. Problems for buy

    Hello, please contact me on our Discord server, I will assist you there, it will be much quicker. https://discord.gg/7AUwMx8HQw
  18. Problems for buy

    Problems for buy Hello, I am having problems making some purchases with my Paypal account. The first drawback is that it doesn't let me pay with my PayPal balance, only card, I guess because it is a subscription. How can I do? I don't want to pay with my card. And the second problem is that I had applied the code CYBER2023 and my cart was deleted, so it tells me to use the code and I have no possibility of using it again.
  19. Season19 web files ?

    You can get your license now (currently there's 25% discount) and use it also with S19 server files. There are just few things that will not work correctly - for example reset of skill tree, but the rest will work fine and you can start with testing and configuration. Also alpha version with S19 support will be released within few days
  20. Season19 web files ?

    Okay I have igcn season 19 I should wait till then ?
  21. Cyber Week 2023

    Cyber Week 2023 Cyber Week discounts are here! Use coupon code CYBER2023 to claim your 25% discount on ImperiaMuCMS licenses. Promotion is valid for whole week starting from 27.11.2023 until 3.12.2023. Coupon can be applied on purchase of main, additional and also lifetime licenses. Contact me for more information about lifetime licenses.
  22. Season19 web files ?

    Hello, update for Season 19 will be released very soon. Currently CMS supports files up to Season 18.
  23. Season19 web files ?

    Season19 web files ? Does this work with season 19
  24. 2.1.0

    [14-10-2023] 2.1.0 Available only to customers
  25. MUEMU and Louis files support ImperiaMuCMS now supports MUEMU and Louis server files. Grab ImperiaMuCMS Premium Plus license for MUEMU/Louis until end of August 2023 and get 30% cashback!
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