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  3. 2.0.10

    [25-10-2020] 2.0.10 [+] [Language] Added strings: mycharacters_1 - mycharacters_7, breadcrumb_usercp_mycharacters, myaccount_txt_88 - myaccount_txt_89, donation_txt_95 - donation_txt_96, class_crusher, itemdrop_1 - itemdrop_7, market_txt_217 - market_txt_222, webshop_98 - webshop_99 [+] [Language] Updated strings: wheeloffortune_txt_25 - wheeloffortune_txt_26 [+] IPB account is now being created after email verification (if enabled) [+] Added My Characters module (UserCP) [+] Updated behavior of NganLuong donation module [+] Added support for Gun Crusher [Season 16] [+] Added Item Drop module ("yourdomain.com/item-drop") - needs to be added into navigation [+] Improved Item Upgrade module - now you can add empty socket slot to items [+] Added Class Filter to Market [+] Added option to configure access to Guides when user is not logged in [+] Updated Wheel of Fortune module [!] Fixed SQL error in Daily Guilds Rankings module [!] Fixed issue with Dual Stats module on S15 [!] Fixed issue with Pentagrams & Muuns in Transfer Character Server module [!] Fixed issue with Pentagrams in Transfer Character module
  4. Louis files compatibility

    It was planned, but currently it's not. So if you don't want to use website with igcn files, don't buy a license.
  5. Louis files compatibility

    Or you just want us to order service installation for an extra 20 bucks ?
  6. Louis files compatibility

    But you sayd in this topic that you can make it work if we become your costumer ? What this answer means then ?
  7. Louis files compatibility

    No, website is available only for IGCN files.
  8. Louis files compatibility

    Hello, did you make it work? I want to use your website on my Louis files as well, i can i have some kinda of a trial to try?
  9. ImperiaMuCMS is celebrating 5 years Hello everyone, as you know, last year was very difficult for all of us, especially last couple months are crazy in whole world. I would like to say big THANK YOU to everyone, who is supporting me. It's almost 5 years we are together and those years were really amazing. As a reward I have decided to create a promotion for new customers, now you can get ImperiaMuCMS Premium and Premium Plus packages with 20% discount. Use promo code "IMPERIA5YEARS" in checkout. For our customers I have a special surprise, but you will have to wait for a while for it ImperiaMuCMS is part of my life for 5 years and it's almost like my child. I am not going to stop the project just because of some guys are trying to sell and/or steal others' work. I am still there for my customers and I am not gonna leave you! PS: For everyone who is using nulled version - do you think it's a good idea to use stolen software with encrypted source? Are you sure? Just think twice if it's worth Peace.
  10. 2.0.9

    [07-09-2020] 2.0.9 [+] Added support for PHP 7.3 and PHP 7.4 (update of ioncube loaders might be required) [!] Fixed archive cron [!] Updated installation wizard to latest version
  11. 2.0.8

    [16-08-2020] 2.0.8 [+] [Language] Added strings: transfercharacterserver_txt_15 - transfercharacterserver_txt_16, activityrewards_37 - activityrewards_38, castlesiege_txt_18 - castlesiege_txt_47, achievement_txt_32, breadcrumb_usercp_transfercharacterserver, icewindvalley_txt_17 - icewindvalley_txt_46, arkawar_txt_31 - arkawar_txt_60, downloads_txt_25 [+] Improved performance of Achievements module [+] Added option to set Durability of items for requirements and rewards in Achievements module [+] Added option to set required votes for Activity Rewards [+] [UNIQUE] Added new module - Transfer Character between realms within Me_MuOnline database [+] [UNIQUE] Added new module - Castle Siege Statistics (misc stats like kills, deaths, K/D, etc. during event) [+] [UNIQUE] Added new module - Arca War Statistics (misc stats like kills, deaths, K/D, etc. during event) [+] [UNIQUE] Added new module - Ice Wind Valley Statistics (misc stats like kills, deaths, K/D, etc. during event) [+] [UNIQUE] Added new widget - Ice Wind Valley [+] Added option to display VIP status in Characters Rankings and Character Profile [+] Improved performance of database [+] Updated size of files in Downloads module - values above 999 MB are now displayed in GB [+] Added new options to Characters rankings - Show Exp % and Master Exp % [!] Fixed visual bug in requirements in Reset module [!] Fixed issues with pentagram in Transfer Character module [!] [AdminCP] Fixed adding currencies in Account Edit module [!] Some other fixes
  12. what company recommend for Host

    Hello, always best option to host a website is own VPS so you have everything under control. You can also host your website on the same machine as you have server files. In case you would like to get shared hosting or some cpanel alternative, some customers are using lghost.
  13. what company recommend for Host which company do you recommend for hosting the imperiamucms page
  14. Season 12 muemu and mercadopago

    When you go to the store and open those two packages, you will see a list of features, which are included in those packages
  15. Season 12 muemu and mercadopago

    And whats the difference between the lite package and premium one?
  16. Season 12 muemu and mercadopago

    Hello, if those files are based on IGCN files, then yes. CMS has mercadopago donation system.
  17. Season 12 muemu and mercadopago Hello i want to know if the ImperiaMuCMS Lite Package supports muemu files s12 and mercadopago as donations, thanks!
  18. Premium Plus

    Hello, license fo S15 is a little bit higher than older seasons. It includes "pass" also to newer seasons so you will be able to use website with the latest season available.
  19. Premium Plus

    Premium Plus Hi, we are trying to buy the Premium Plus Season 15 but the price is 200 not 150?
  20. Compatibility temples

    Thx for your prompt response.
  21. Compatibility temples

    Hello, currently there is one responsive template for ImperiaMuCMS v2 which is highly customizable, so you can adjust it for your needs. If you are interested in other template, I can integrate it for ImperiaMuCMS v2 for extra payment. List of online players is in rankings module, also amount of online players is displayed on index in sidebar. Here on forums is written list of requirements so if sovahost has everything, it will be compatible. You can send them this list and ask, if their hosting has everything necessary.
  22. Compatibility temples

    Additionally questions. 1. I reviewed some sample website of your “imperiamucms” but I didn’t find any module for “online players quantity” or let’s say like x1000 - online players quantity. Could you give more detailed functionality of your website. I will so much appreciate that. 2. For sovahost.net it will be compatible? Because I still didn’t have a hosting and search the best for it. Best regards.
  23. Compatibility temples

    And if u have any temples for sale or for free?
  24. Compatibility temples I would like to know if have possibility to integrate temples from dmncms store to your engine of website ?
  25. 2.0.7

    [03-05-2020] 2.0.7 [+] [Language] Added strings: activityrewards_36, changemail_txt_9, forgotpass_txt_5, resetcharacter_txt_88, exc_opt_earring_left_5 - exc_opt_earring_left_9, exc_opt_earring_right_5 - exc_opt_earring_right_9, icewindvalley_txt_1 - icewindvalley_txt_16, breadcrumb_icewindvalley, profiles_txt_53 - profiles_txt_55 [+] [Language] Modified strings: template_txt_6, template_txt_7, template_txt_10, profiles_txt_49, profiles_txt_51 [+] Added "Select Character" option to Activity Rewards module [+] Added option to disable Secret Question/Answer in Change Email module [+] Updated PHPMailer lib [+] Added option to use SSL encryption in email config [+] Added support for new Ancestral earrings [+] Added Ice Wind Valley module - UNIQUE [+] Updated Castle Siege widget design [+] Updated Guild profile module - added information about total won CS, Arka and Ice Wind Valley [!] [AdminCP] Fixed New Registration logs - not working search [!] Fixed MMTOP200 API - updated parameters [!] Fixed Castle Siege History cron issue when castle doesn't have owner [!] Fixed Forgot Password module when "multi-account" enabled [!] Fixed Reset Skill Tree not working properly on older seasons [!] Fixed not working "Return Item" in "My Market Items" module [!] Fixed issues with deadlocks on DataServer cased by triggers [!] Fixed incorrect currency name in Items Inventory for webshop purchases [!] Fixed other issues marked as "Fixed" in Bug Tracker
  26. Some questions

    Hello, actually I am not sure what are those option so probably it's currently not included in webshop, however, if you request it I will implement it. Yes, it's possible to add custom modules by yourself.
  27. Some questions

    Some questions Hi! Im actually client of DMN, but the support doesn't exists, so im thinking to migrate. I have some questions: - The webshop support all kind of items and options? Example: Bonus sockets, Mastery options, Silverhearts sets, etc. - There is a way to develop custom modules? I mean, its possible I develop a custom module or its not possible? Im a developer and I have some custom modules integrated with external system, or with new functions. Thanks
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