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  3. Support for OVH webhosting

    You can contact me via ticket for more information.
  4. Support for OVH webhosting

    thank you I changed to Plesk with OVH just need to transfer stuff don't want to go off topic but when will there be a lifetime license available
  5. Support for OVH webhosting

    Here: http://fpm5.6-check.cluster015.ovh.net/phpinfo.php
  6. Support for OVH webhosting

    where do u see its disabled?
  7. Support for OVH webhosting

    PDO drivers mysql, pgsql, sqlite Required PDO drivers are not enabled - you need dblib, sqlsrv or odbc,
  8. Support for OVH webhosting

    for some reason, I find that they do have it enabled or am I being daft? they told me to check the shared hosting support at http://cluster015.ovh.net/infos/ or am I looking wrongly?
  9. Support for OVH webhosting

    You can try to contact them to enable PDO driver for you, but I think they will not do it on shared hosting. You will probably need to get VPS or you can search for a shared hosting with plesk or cpanel.
  10. Support for OVH webhosting

    hello jacubb, thanks for the fast reply! unfortunately, it is not supported, I hate OVH! this is what i get, PHP Requirements ionCube Loader version 10.1. PHP version 5.6.33. cURL extension loaded. PDO Driver - You do not have the DbLib PHP extension loaded. PDO Driver - You do not have the Sqlsrv PHP extension loaded. PDO Driver - You do not have the ODBC PHP extension loaded. MCrypt extension loaded. GD extension loaded. OpenSSL extension loaded. Session extension loaded. Simple XML extension loaded. XML extension loaded. XML Reader extension loaded. XML Writer extension loaded. Hosting is not suitable for ImperiaMuCMS.
  11. Support for OVH webhosting

    Hello, if hosting has everything what ImperiaMuCMS needs, then yes. In THIS TOPIC you can find all requirements and also php file what will help you to check, if your hosting is compatible with ImperiaMuCMS or not.
  12. Support for OVH webhosting is the cms supported by OVH web host? regards, Marcel
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  14. Questions before buying the service

    Hello, website is compatible with IGCN files only.
  15. I need the automatic payment methods MercadoPagos and CuentaDigital for my users. Is it possible to add it before you buy the license or is that done once the purchase is made? I need those means of payment immediately.
  16. Questions before buying the service I use Evolution Team version 2.x files Is the web compatible with this version? Do you own WebShop? Can I add MercadoPagos and CuentaDigital as a means of payment for my users?
  17. A few questions about the purchase

    Website needs to be installed to IGCN database, so you should get IGCN license first. Total price with full installation service would be 200 EUR.
  18. A few questions about the purchase

    Then what is the total price for everything to get installed and authorized with the IGCN files? Gold package of course . And i need the IGCN files 1st? Or i can start with the web site and then add the files and you can Sync with MSSQL or web server
  19. A few questions about the purchase

    Price of the installation is 25 EUR / 30 USD if you need to install only website. If you need to install and configure required software like MSSQL and/or web server, price is 50 EUR / 60 USD. We have more templates - currently there is one free template, but more are on the way. Soon will be released new responsive templates. Yes, you must have your own domain name.
  20. A few questions about the purchase

    Another question that I forgot to add is that I simply can not find the "edit" button, Should I purchase the domain as well? It's not included right? Sorry for the embarrassing questions: P
  21. A few questions about the purchase

    Hey, First of all thank you for the quick response! Would you like to know the price of the installation? And is that the only color you have? the design? There is no diversity
  22. A few questions about the purchase

    Hello, Purchase process is automated - after you will pay the invoice, system will activate your license and you will get access to downloads section, where you can download website and install it. You need your own hosting for website - you can also host it on the same server where are server files. Installation service is paid, however, if you will want to install it by yourself and you will encounter some issue, I am here to help. It doesn't matter, you can install it in the same server or get separated hosting for website, it's on you. Here on forums are tutorials for installation and some configurations, which requires some programming skills. Everything else is configurable through AdminCP UI. What do you mean with sync? Currently you will be able to add discord link to the website. License is for domain and IP and you can use it on 3 sub-domains (within licensed domain). If your second server will be using another domain, you will have to purchase additional license, however those licenses have lower prices then main license.
  23. A few questions about the purchase Hello, I plan to purchase IGCN server files for season 13 at the end of the next 3 days. It is also important to note that they have recommended your service warmly, So here i am. But before purchasing the IGCN files, I want to be in and synchronized about the files of the site So I have a few questions: 1. How is the license purchased? After receiving money Do you perform the installation on your VPS, or do I have to provide a VPS? 2. If I need to provide a VPS, should it be the same as where the server files are installed? Or it does not matter. 3. I do not understand anything when it comes to the site, I can learn a bit from the Internet. Is the purchase made here through your service not suitable for me? 4. Can I sync the site with Discord? Because Discord will be a forum replacement for my project 5. If everything goes as planned and I purchased your license for 360 days, but I plan to open another server, can I use my license for another site but another server? Which of course is mine, but with a different name? Thanks in advance! Android.
  24. Interkass

    I had to finish more important things - Season 13 support. Now update has been released and I will be working on custom requests. Module should be ready within next 2 weeks.
  25. Interkass

    Since the purchase of the site, it's been a month and a half already, and there's no interkassa module, you promised that as soon as the module is needed, the module will be made in a short time. Since we have a Russian audience of players, they use the interkassa payment system, players are not very happy with the lack of this module. I have a lot of familiar administrators who do not buy your web fundamentally because of the absence of this module, please solve this problem in the shortest possible time, thank you.
  26. 1.1.0

    [23-04-2018] 1.1.0 [+] [Language] Added strings: rankings_txt_77 - rankings_txt_79, webshop_txt_94, market_txt_203 - market_txt_204, anc_opt_title, anc_opt_name, anc_opt_bonus_1, anc_opt_1 - anc_opt_210, wheeloffortune_txt_27, events_timer_txt_1 - events_timer_txt_5 [+] [Language] Updated: market_txt_51 - market_txt_52 [+] Added option to set different Level after Reset and Experience after Reset for VIP in Dynamic Reset System [+] Added support for updated class codes for Season 13 [+] Added new Event Timer system [+] Added option to configure bonus stats in Dynamic Reset System based on character's class [+] Updated Level / Master Level / Reset / Grand Reset Rankings [+] Added option to reorder Rankings Menu - menu moved into custom.php [+] Added support for 8 characters per account (Season 13) [+] Added support for new socket options (Season 12 & Season 13) [+] Added support for new ancient options (Season 12 & Season 13) [+] Added support for currency rewards into Wheel of Fortune module [+] Updated Item Tooltip - added class requirements info, added different life options variants [+] Added support for IPv6 [+] Added general support for IGCN Season 13 server files [+] Added Monthly/Weekly/Daily Characters Rankings (more in next update) [+] Added Clear 4th Skill Tree module (Season 13) [!] [AdminCP] Fixed Cash Shop Edit Subcategory module not updating record [!] [AdminCP] Fixed website configuration module - not saving server files version [!] [AdminCP] Fixed not working saving of some configs in UserCP Settings module [!] [AdminCP] Fixed Special Tools module - importing of items with single quote in name [!] Fixed import items function not working for items which include ' in name [!] Fixed not working Level after Reset and Experience after Reset in Dynamic Reset System [!] Fixed invalid prices for Luck in My Vault > Upgrade Item module [!] Fixed sidebar containers' CSS in default template [!] Removed GM characters from Top Online Rankings [!] Fixed not showing up amount of some currencies in Wheel of Fortune
  27. Promotion

    Hello! Here is one coupon code for -10% discount for ImperiaMuCMS Gold & Silver Package. Code can be used only once so first come first serve Coupon code: "0A3F6"
  28. New Release ETA?

    Some components are using ajax, currently I cannot tell you, if in future will website use ajax for everything, I will see. However, ajax in rankings can be plemented on request, it's not a problem.
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