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  1. Web
  2. Web

    Hello, gold package costs annually 237,38 USD including PayPal fees, silver is for 94,95 USD.
  3. Yes, website can be hosted on Linux.
  4. Hello. Yes, you can use different hosting for website to separate it from game server. Yes, there is a detailed installation guide for the website. No, installation of the website and/or additional software is for additional fee. Website has very strong security and it's used for over 2 years without any successful injections.
  5. Hello, yes, it's compatible with S12.
  6. Hello, website by default comes in English, however you are able to translate it into Chinese, since website supports multi-language system.
  7. I already told you the price for it
  8. Hello, as I told you before, I can offer you 30% discount, however this discount is only for the license, not for additional modules and services. ImperiaMuCMS has 2 free templates, in future there will be more, I am already working on some templates and I am also preparing custom template specially for ImperiaMuCMS. You can also provide me your own design and I can implement it into website.
  9. 1.0.12

    [21-04-2017] Version 1.0.12 [+] [AdminCP] Added Grow Lancer data into chart [+] [AdminCP] Added option to edit balance and web bank items amount in account info module [+] [AdminCP] Added option to show/hide news [+] [AdminCP] Added option to block chat on character [+] [Language] Added strings: exc_opt_weapon_1 - exc_opt_weapon_8, exc_opt_set_1 - exc_opt_set_10, exc_opt_wings2_1 - exc_opt_wings2_5, exc_opt_wings2dl_1 - exc_opt_wings2dl_4, exc_opt_wings2rf_1 - exc_opt_wings2rf_3, exc_opt_wings25_1 - exc_opt_wings25_2, exc_opt_wings3_1 - exc_opt_wings3_4, exc_opt_wings41_1 - exc_opt_wings41_4, exc_opt_wings42_1 - exc_opt_wings42_3, socket_bonus_weapon_1 - socket_bonus_weapon_11, socket_bonus_set_1 - socket_bonus_set_4, socket_bonus, item_detail_txt_1 - item_detail_txt_16, template_txt_46 - template_txt_52, startingkit_txt_16 - startingkit_txt_18, resetcharacter_txt_38 - resetcharacter_txt_39 [+] [Language] Modified strings: market_txt_16 [+] Added new option into Starting Kit module - reward items type (single item, multiple items, random item) [+] Changed logic in Starting Kit module - every starting kit can be claimed only once by same character [+] Added support for Ultratop100's voting postback system [+] Added new options into Reset System - required price type - support for Web Bank items [+] Added new config for Auctions - Bid Type (with/without reserve) [+] Added IPB4 integration API [+] Implemented new Events Timer [!] [AdminCP] Fixed some date formats in logs modules [!] Fixed Castle Siege cron [!] Added account online check into Exchange module [!] Fixed Keep GR Bonus Stats issue on Reset System while using Fixed Bonus Stats formula
  10. shop

    Price of custom template starts at 40 USD if you will provide me HTML and CSS codes, but price can be higher if template is more complex or if you will want to make some changes and/or add new features.
  11. You can't buy this template, it was make as unique template and it was already sold
  12. [Template] Imperialium Light

    © ImperiaMuCMS

  13. shop

    It depends on the template type - if you will provide me only PSD format, HTML + CSS or you will want custom template. Webshop module is free and it's included in all ImperiaMuCMS packages.
  14. shop

    Hello, if you want to purchase ImperiaMuCMS, you can visit our STORE where you will find all available packages and also prices. Yes, you can use your own domain and hosting, license will be provided on it during purchase. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.
  15. Hello, installation of website is very simple and I am sure, that you can handle it. It has automated installation where you will just fill in some data like connection to SQL server and also some customisation, and that's all. Here on forums is also step by step installation guide. If you won't be able to handle it by yourself, I am here to help.
  16. Hi, you can find CMS's requirements here: On the bottom is also php file what will checks all required extensions on your web server.
  17. You need to install Microsoft SQL Server (I recommend 2012 or newer) and then create new databases for IGCN files and execute sql scripts from IGCN full package - it will create tables and insert data into databases. Then you are ready to install website.
  18. You can purchase it now or after they will finish it, it really doesn't matter But you will be able to install website after database will be created, so you don't have to wait for server files setup, you need only database to install website.
  19. Hello, yes, in bronze package you don't need to pay monthly subscription and your website will keep working also when your subscription expire. You can renew your subscription at any time as you want. If you have another questions feel free to ask. jacubb
  20. Btw, it's already in development
  21. Sorry but I don't understand what do you mean. If you want, you can write me PM here, submit a ticket or add me on skype (nick is the same as my nick here) if you want to discuss something.
  22. Currently CMS supports only IGCN files, however I am already working on support of X-Team S2. Such feature can be done within few days.
  23. Here on forums you can find pricing & services topic. Lowest price of the package starts on 150 USD.
  24. I will do it for free. All new requsted configs in existing modules are for free. You just have to become a customer.
  25. Hello, yes I can implement such feature into current reset system.