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  1. My questions

    I found it
  2. hi

    I'm going good whit this website. Massive number of options for users, good and easy to navigate Admin panel. Looks nice and very PRO! just have to install it fully, It makes me some small problems but all resolved and quick response form jacubb and he is patient enough to deall whit this small issues... i'm not..
  3. Couple of easy questions.

    Cheers mate.
  4. Couple of easy questions.

    Last question before purchase domain name? I have domain ready for website www.dsmuonline.eu but website will be running on my dedi server witch will be Question here, witch address/domain i have to choose, when buying and have to put address/domain where website will be running?
  5. Couple of easy questions.

    Hi mate, so i have installed xampp with php 5.6 on my dedi it past requirements like this. I'm struggle with PDO Driver for DbLib and Sqlsrv. They have to be installed? If i can go without them im ready to buy???? PHP RequirementsionCube Loader version 5.0.PHP version 5.6.14.cURL extension loaded.PDO Driver - You do not have the DbLib PHP extension loaded.PDO Driver - You do not have the Sqlsrv PHP extension loaded.PDO Driver - ODBC extension loaded.MCrypt extension loaded.GD extension loaded.OpenSSL extension loaded.Session extension loaded.Simple XML extension loaded.XML extension loaded.XML Reader extension loaded.XML Writer extension loaded.Hosting is suitable for ImperiaMuCMS.
  6. Couple of easy questions.

    Ok. thanks mate. I will do it on my machine i think. Just have to find information how to connect domain witch i already have on webd.pl. So as soon i will do it with domain im coming back to you for buy website. Cheers again for help, speak you soon.
  7. Couple of easy questions.

    Hi, thanks for info it's too bad i miss this offer. I'm ready to buy website but have to find good hosting for it or decide to put it on dedi server where my server files are. Do you know what is better way?. If on my dedi server i don't know how to connect domain to it, any help with it? Or i have to find a way to do it my self? My present hosting don't have this stuff... PDO Driver - You do not have the DbLib PHP extension loaded. PDO Driver - You do not have the Sqlsrv PHP extension loaded. PDO Driver - You do not have the ODBC PHP extension loaded. PDO is installed but not for this data base. They not support it. Any other way to installed on my hosting? Cheers for helping mate.
  8. Couple of easy questions.

    Hi mate. So, i see offer has ended. Do you planning some offer for Christmas time? Also can i connect any Forum engine to this website?
  9. Couple of easy questions.

    Hi mate. I'm doing Mu server with Sejanus. He asked you most of question but i have one more. I having this hosting http://webd.pl/en/konta/large it's OK for your website? There is domain waiting already. It will be easy to have everything in one place. Delay in buying website but we getting there. Thinking about end of this month. Cheers GG