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  1. Support for OVH webhosting

    thank you I changed to Plesk with OVH just need to transfer stuff don't want to go off topic but when will there be a lifetime license available
  2. Support for OVH webhosting

    where do u see its disabled?
  3. Support for OVH webhosting

    for some reason, I find that they do have it enabled or am I being daft? they told me to check the shared hosting support at http://cluster015.ovh.net/infos/ or am I looking wrongly?
  4. Support for OVH webhosting

    hello jacubb, thanks for the fast reply! unfortunately, it is not supported, I hate OVH! this is what i get, PHP Requirements ionCube Loader version 10.1. PHP version 5.6.33. cURL extension loaded. PDO Driver - You do not have the DbLib PHP extension loaded. PDO Driver - You do not have the Sqlsrv PHP extension loaded. PDO Driver - You do not have the ODBC PHP extension loaded. MCrypt extension loaded. GD extension loaded. OpenSSL extension loaded. Session extension loaded. Simple XML extension loaded. XML extension loaded. XML Reader extension loaded. XML Writer extension loaded. Hosting is not suitable for ImperiaMuCMS.
  5. Support for OVH webhosting is the cms supported by OVH web host? regards, Marcel