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  1. Some questions

    Good morning. So i found a hosting and all is looking good. 1. I want to install it inside a directory and not the main root, for now. Is it hard to move it then to the root folder? 2. Do you have skype or some other instant messaging to speed up this chat? Thanks!
  2. Some questions

    Got it! I am looking for a good hosting now. Will return after i find it.
  3. Some questions

    "Could" OK. I am looking for a hosting that supports your CMS
  4. Some questions

    I just tried to purchase the plus pack. I thought it was 150 euro? Why is it adding 50 euro?
  5. Some questions

    I will host it on one of our company servers (for now), until the server is ready. If i want to move it to a different hosting will that be complicated/extra cost?
  6. Some questions

    Ok. No problem. I don't want to host the website on the same machine as the GS. In case of a DDoS attack i don't want to have both services affected.
  7. Some questions

    OK. Thanks. I will place an order later today. Can you recommend any hosting that has a good DDoS protection?
  8. Some questions

    I see in the description that your cms is compatible up to season 15. What about season 16?
  9. Some questions

    Hi and happy new year!
  10. Some questions

    Thank you for the answer! One last question(for now): Would it be possible to provide a 3 days trial on our test server, so we can get to see it in action? Please note: we do not have a domain yet. So if you agree to this we will probably install it on some random domain we have available. Thank you!
  11. Some questions

    Thank you for the quick answer. I will not be using webshop. It will be a 95% play2win server. 1. Can i disable the features for vault one by one? 2. What would be the cost to add the item level change in "My Vault" ? Thanks
  12. Some questions

    Hi. Thank you for your answer. To explain more: I want to give players the possibility to be able to make there items from +9 to +12 via website control panel. For example: I have a sword. I move it from Game to Web, and there i can chose to make it +9,10,11,12 and pay with web currency. Let me know if it's more clear now
  13. Some questions

    Good morning! I have a few more questions: 1. Would it be possible to a feature for users to make itemes in there webshop from 9-12 via web, with restrictions? To add luck to itemes in there webshop, with restrictions? 2. Would it be possible to add a template from here https://mu.templstock.com/en/, and what is the cost? Thank you.
  14. Some questions

    Hi! Thank you so much for the quick answer. I will analyze all of this and make a decision. Regards.
  15. Some questions

    Some questions Hi there! I am thinking of purchasing this CMS for a brand new Season 6 E3 server, but prior to that i have some questions: 1. Is it possible to see v2 of the CMS live? Like on a test server, or something so i can get the feel of it? 1.2. Do you have a complete guide on how to setup the CMS, along with any additional modules? 2. What is the difference between Lite and Premium pack listed in this topic: 3. How much of the code is locked? Would it be possible to have access to it for modifications that might come along the way? Does this cost extra? 4. Do you have any templates for v2? If yes, where can i see them and what is the price? 5. Can the default v2 template be modified at a css/html level? Like images, icons, fonts, etc ..? 6. What make this CMS better then the others that are out on the market? Thank you!