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  1. Package gold

    installation service is separate but all modules is included yes.
  2. Pre-buy Questions

    It`s enough for mu server and web at same machine i got same server ordered from them runs great without any problems. There is extra charge for windows server it`s 23$ monthly just find closest location to yours OVH gives quite stable servers with high data exchange rates.you can always check ping with they servers before order just find out IP an on your PC pres start->run->cmd->enter->ping IP address -t and you will see data transfer speed between them and you.
  3. Swish

    Swish Hey there! Sweden uses ``Swish`` as most paying method is it possible to add it on web after purchase? Is there any more templates available? can`t find any.Can be personal template if yes how much it could cost and is there any guaranty against copy from us? Can we have live demo as any servers pointed as demo on older posts seems to be closed. How about integrate IPB forum on web? Facebook,twitter etc buttons on web are they available?I mean share buttons. When purchase gold pack any new modules and features is going to be available or will be sold seperate? Could you please give answers with as much info as it`s possible not just yes or no. Regards Barbulin