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  3. Yes, dont worry its just 15 euro more. Not important. Thank you very much!
  4. Yes, it should be released earlier. I think we can deal on something, but if you will want to pay with WU, you will have to pay higher amount at once.
  5. You think support for S13 will be released at this April? And other thing, is hard to me pay by PayPal, i live alone in this city and i dont got credit card at this moment. (difficult to have a credit card in Argentina) Can i have the possibility to pay by WesternUnion ? It would be great. Thanks for your response.
  6. Hello, thank you, I really appreciate it. It depends on complexity of the donation system, prices start at ±25 USD. Again, it depends on complexity of the module, if it's something simple, it might starts at 5 USD, very complex system might goes up to 200 - 300 USD. Usually all custom requests were between 30 - 100 USD. Yes, I keep CMS updated with latest IGCN files, support for S13 is under development. Yes, it's possible to configure maximum options for webshop. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.
  7. Hello there! Interesting... Hello Jacubb, Im a new customer from IGCNetwork S13 files and they give me your link, and... just WoW! I have to congratz you for develop this awesome CMS, just amazing. Same top level as IGCN files. I think you are a serious dev. so i will buy this CMS, for sure 100%. Just have to wait, my server is on dev mode right now, i will open it this May 3. And i will put ON the website 1 month before the OPEN. I need to know some things if you can help me: 1- How much money cost modules for new donations? (Like MercadoPago, RapiPago, and similars) 2- How much cost a custom module? (I know it depends from wich module, but tell me a min - max) 3- You always update cms when IGCN update files? 4- Its possible add to this webshop the option to buy items choosing how much options it have and wich options? Example: I want they can just choose 3 options, what they want but just 3. Thank you very much for your great job, I'll be happy to pay you for this. PD: Sorry for my english i try my best.
  8. Hello, I am glad that you are interested in ImperiaMuCMS and I will try to answer your questions: Such donation module is currently not implemented, but you can request for it and I will implement it. There are more automated donation systems like PayPal, PayGol, Paymentwall, SuperRewards, Pagseguro... Support for S13 is partly implemented already, the rest will be added soon. I am on forums almost 24/7, the same on Skype so usually you will get reply within few minutes during working hours (8:00 - 16:00 GMT+1). Otherwise it's usually 1-2 hours. Yes, there is a "global config" what can override config of items. Currently not, but I am planning some changes in Webshop management (AdminCP config modules at all). I don't have any demo atm. If you have any related questions, please ask, I will answer you. Yes. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.
  9. Pre Sale Questions Hi, All! i am looking for a cms for IGC S13 Server files. I am a User of another premium CMS as about 2 years and i have a lot of problems in last time... First and most important; i need to know if Imperamucms supports a module to receive donations via "Mercadopago Argentina" with a system wich auto acredit the Wcoins buyed, same with "Paypall" and "CuentaDigital Argentina" 2) , i need fully support to S13 Serverfiles when IGC Release the Suitable Version. 3) I need the security to recibe support fast passing the time, i am looking for a change of CMS beacouse the support of the other ones sometimes take 1 week to response... First start nice with fast support but then? Premium Cms are so expensive to have that problems... 4) I need an Efficient MU Item Shop system; i am tired of changing item per item beacouse a item that dont have "Skill" Appears to buy with option Skill., then i need to change item per item to fix it. Or a item Socket Appears with excellent options, i want to limite to buy all items with maxium bless level to +11, there is a fast way to do that at Imperia Cms? 4a) Imperia Cms have a fast way to update item shop with new items when a new season releases? 5) I like to see a Imperia CMS working there is a Web Hosted with access to admin CP to see the configurations? 6) Imperia Cms have a Ticket System included in the webpage? Regards,
  10. Hello, yes, I can implement new donation system on request. Yes, website supports Russian language, but you must translate it from English.
  11. And support Rus language?
  12. Interkass Hello can i add Interkassa if buy web cms? Payment system
  13. Hello, it depends, if you want to pay less for joining fee or for monthly subscription. Installation is done by you, however I am here to help if you will encounter any issues. Feel free to ask if you have another questions.
  14. Web page Hi, I have a doubt. What is the most economical package for the purchase of a web page? Is the installation done by you?, Could you give me all the information about this process thanks.
  15. Christmas Promotion Christmas are here again as well as traditional ImperiaMuCMS sale. Get any ImperiaMuCMS product from our STORE and grab your 15% discount today! Use coupon code "XMAS2017" to claim your 15% discount for all licenses, premium modules and subscription right now. A lot of new cool features and unique modules are coming into ImperiaMuCMS in 2018, purchase ImperiaMuCMS now and get them for FREE! Merry Christmas! Promotion is valid from 19/12/2017 until 5/1/2018.
  16. Hello, subscription price depends on the package type: Gold package costs $237.38 per 360 days, Silver and Bronze packages cost $94.95 per 360 days.
  17. websitee Hello Good Day... Question how much cost for annually MU Online S12 igcn? Many Thanks,
  18. I don't speak Chinese so I am not able to translate it, you will have to do it by yourself. Website has one language file where are all texts from the website so you can easily translate it.
  19. I see!I wonder if you would help us translate into Chinese?Do we have to translate for ourselves?
  20. Hello, yes, website supports Chinese, however by default website comes in English, so you will have to translate it.
  21. Hello, I do not understand what you mean! Your website supports Chinese, that is, we do not have to translate it right?
  22. We didn't have any promotion for a long time so I decided that it's time to make one, so, here it is! Grab your -20% discount for all ImperiaMuCMS packages, modules, additional licenses and subscription right now! Use coupon F872F in checkout. Promotion is available till Friday 24/11/2017.
  23. [03-01-2018] 1.0.13 [+] [AdminCP] Added Clear Inventory logs [+] [AdminCP] Added Register statistics in dashboard [+] [AdminCP] Added Ban HWID module [+] [AdminCP] Improved Rankings config module [+] [GMCP] Added option to edit navigation (gmcp/menu.php) [+] [Language] Added strings: market_txt_202, wheeloffortune_txt_1 - wheeloffortune_txt_26, monday - sunday, notification_error, notification_success, notification_warning, notification_info, notification_notice, class_wizard, class_knight, class_elf, class_gladiator, class_lord, class_summoner, class_fighter, class_lancer, rankings_txt_70 - rankings_txt_76, register_txt_24 - register_txt_31, module_titles_txt_33 - module_titles_txt_34, startingkit_txt_19 - startingkit_txt_22 [+] Improved logs [+] Added new config into Rankings - display only active characters (logged in from last X days) [+] Added new config into Market - return item to seller after X days [+] Added new config into GMCP Manager - enable/disable management of Accounts and VIP [+] Added new maps and 4th quest classes into custom.php [+] Added new Rankings - Top Honor [+] Added general support for 4th quest classes [+] Added integration with IPS 4 Community Forums into Register module [+] Added new premium module - Wheel of Fortune [+] Added new configs into Paymentwall module - Signature check, Online check [+] Added new Rankings - Top AFK [+] Updated Paymentwall API [+] Added new configs to Starting Kit module (max. requirements, claim limit) [+] Updated Xtremetop100 API [!] [AdminCP] Fixed invalid date in Awaiting verification module [!] [AdminCP] Fixed not working icon to enable disabled guides/categories/sub-categories in Guides Manager module [!] [AdminCP] Fixed Delete function in Reset configuration module [!] [AdminCP] Fixed Add Promo Code module - prevent duplicates [!] [AdminCP] Updated Promo Codes Manager module - added Status column [!] [AdminCP] Fixed Webshop Add Item module not working on some MSSQL versions [!] Fixed some issues in Item class (item tooltip) [!] Fixed issue on Starting Kit module on some SQL Server versions [!] Fixed issue in Claim a Reward module with special symbols in character names [!] Fixed expiration items rewards not working correctly [!] Fixed displaying disabled guides/categories/sub-categories in menu in Guides module [!] Fixed credits configuration issue in installation process
  24. You're welcome, if you have any other questions feel free to ask.
  25. thank you sir
  26. Hello, subscription price depends on the package type: Gold package costs $237.38 per 360 days, Silver and Bronze packages cost $94.95 per 360 days.
  27. Hello Good Day... Question how much cost for annually MU Online S6E3? Many Thanks,
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